I purchased one, called solid state devices, registered an email. Gave me some error but logged in and continued to work.
Found a lot of the information useful, despite the fact it was basically free ebook material condensed to fit on a phone. For $1
But the way information is displayed is useless for those without unlimited data. If someone's paying money, that info should be downloaded
rather than having to login to a server just to read. So why didn't I just download the ebooks and not pay $1 to have something eat my data.
Aside from all of that, I purchased a second one. Which wants me to register another email..... You did not put a login, or option to change to login.
You want another email registered for each individual app out of the 100+ apps you have on there
So if anybody wants to buy more of your apps they won't work.
If you're working on the updates, at least announce that something's trying to be resolved.