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Thread: E-commerce project on JSP/J2EE

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    Ask E-commerce project on JSP/J2EE

    i'm using eclipse and mysql for developing an online shopping cart for my btech final year project.
    approx everything seem to be okay until i'm facing problem when i'm trying to create a page where all the products of certain category will be there..
    for an example,
    under Mobile section there are all the brands.when i click any brand i want to show all the items of that certain category in a page form the database.
    my ques is how to show those items like other shopping sites?
    how can i make this like flipkart?
    bcoz,manually putting data isn't,do i have to create a table where data will come from database? or what?
    i have searched my sites.but,can't find anything regarding this..

    please anyone help me...

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    Re: E-commerce project on JSP/J2EE

    yes better fetch from databse

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