Free structural software? Is there such a thing? It is just knowing where to look. There are quite a few places now to obtain software. This page contains information on where to obtain free programs and fully working programs that the Author allows you to evaluate. All the software is fully working and no unusable or time limited demos are listed here. * Some software may require registration after an evaluation period. Read the software documentation for details.
If you know of any software that falls into the description on the left, please e-mail me with details and I will post it up.
5-Star rating against the software *****excellent ****very good ***good **average *poor
Software Rating Where to get
2D and 3D linear elastic frame analysis. Completely free, 32-bit windows software. Get this one!
RING is a powerful 32 bit mechanism analysis program for single and multi-span masonry arch bridges. A unique feature is its ability to analyse multi-ring brickwork arch bridges. Developed at the University of Sheffield, UK. Free download.
FastFrame by Enercalc.This is a 32 bit Windows 95, 98 & NT Two-Dimensional frame analysis program. You can model any type of framed 2D structure by setting "joints" and specifying "members" that span between them. After loads and load cases are specified the displacements and forces are calculated by solving a bandwidth minimized stiffness matrix using an active column solver. US, SI, and Metric units. Requires 800x600 video mode using "Small" fonts. Free software.
This would have been a 5-star but for the video mode. It is still useable and I use it!)
Fastrak Simple Beam by CSC
Analysis and design of simple steel beams and cantilevers to BS 5950art 1:1990. Free program.
BDES v5.0
Free composite and non-composite simple steel beam design to BS 5950 from the SCI.
This is on the Corus Contruction Manual CD, request it from their site.
Structural Engineering Analysis Software written by Herbert G. Whitman, PE. Many free programs here! English and SI units.
CONCEPT by Reinforced Concrete Council
Conceptual design program for RC framed buildings.
Get this on the RCC-2000 CD.
Atlas 1.20
Freebeam analysis program.
3D Beam/Truss Finite Element Program.
MicroBEAM 4.10 is the structural analysis and design tool for engineers. It originally works in DOS world and now in Windows 3.1/95/98. Free. Also available here is a pile group analysis program and a section properties analysis program, both free. MicroBeam is not BS8110.
A free program for the analysis of plane frames. A DOS program which works in Windows 3.1 & 95 Environment.
CADRE Lite 2.1 Cadre Lite is a 32 bit program for solving 3-D frame and beam type structures by the finite element method.
UniPhase 2.1
A free, program to assist in selecting soil density and calculating phase system parameters such as void ratio, dry density, and degree of saturation.
Sphygmic Software Spreadsheet
Free Excel-compatible spreadsheet program with over 100 functions.
MathGV (32-bit) is a powerful, free program for graphing mathematical functions.
L I S A is a professional finite element analysis program courtesy of Joachim Pommerening. The downloadable version is limited to a generous 1300 nodes, and has very powerful Modelling Tools. It can be used to analyze Linear Static Stresses, Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors in dynamic analysis.
SLFFEA is a free finite element analysis program which can be used by students as a learning tool for FEM programming or by practicing engineers. This program allows for non-zero boundary conditions and has skyline storage of the stiffness matrix.
Moment Distribution - free beam analysis program for Windows 95 and above. ?
Rectangular Beam Design is a free rectangular beam design program to BS8110. Windows 95 and above. ***
Geotechnical Software Directory -Free geotechnical software here. Click on the Freeware heading in the index. ****
ConSpec from the Ready-mixed Concrete Bureau
- a software tool to assist in the specification of concrete for construction projects. The aim is to produce specifications which are both concise and complete. Free.
FBEAM from Fabsec. Free software for the design of fabricated composite and non-composite steel beams (with web openings) to BS5950. Produced by the Steel Construction Institute. You can make up your own beam using the custom function. Request a FBEAM CD from Fabsec's web site. *****
freeCAD is an introductory 3D Computer Aided Design package with Motion Simulation capabilities. It allows you to create and manipulate collections of 3D parts. The parts are 3D solid models, which can be connected or assembled by joints or constraints. The parts and their connections define the structure or mechanism that the assembly represents. Freeware. ?
CONVERT is an easy to use unit conversion program that will convert the most popular units of distance, temperature, volume, time, speed, mass, power, density, pressure, energy and many others, including the ability to create custom conversions! ****
Uconeer - Units Conversion for Engineers. This is a powerful, but easy to use, units conversion tool created specifically for engineers. It includes 370 units in 42 categories. Freeware. ?
Rockgrout - a free suite of programs about cement grouting in rock foundations for dams and other heavy engineering structures by A Clive Houlsby, Grouting Engineer (retired). *****
Slope/W Student edition - free slope stability analysis software. ?
Curvefit v2.11-A - Fits your data to one of 25 formulas and show you the best fit. Free. ?
Winfit - non linear least squares fitting program for windows 3.x. Requires VBRUN100.DLL in the /windows directory. ?
COMPACT is a suite of computer-aided learning programs covering 11 topics on concrete technology and the design of concrete structures to EC2, where appropriate. Several of the modules, particularly on reinforced concrete design, will also appeal to engineers wishing to familiarise themselves with EC2. Free download. *****
Structural Analysis FEM Software - free Java Software that be tested online. Some can be downloaded to run on your computer. 3D FEM Package, 2D FEM Package, Beam Analyser, Torsion Analyser, Truss Analyser, Vibrations Plotter, Graph Plotter. ***
MARC/Designer - A completely free, fully functional finite element analysis software courtesy MARC Analysis and Research Corp limited to 500 nodes. Can be used for Linear static stress, buckling analysis, steady state heat transfer and modal analysis. It has an excellent tutorial. @5MB ?
Graphmatica - is a powerful, easy-to-use, equation plotter with numerical and calculus features. Graph Cartesian functions, relations, and inequalities, plus polar, parametric, and ordinary differential equations. ?
BeamBoy Beam Analysis Tool is a utility for calculating engineering stress and deflection in structural beams and shafts. BeamBoy is freeware. ****
Solution of 2-Dimensional Trusses and 3-Dimensional Trusses - Two QBasic programs. Tensile & compressive forces and reactions are output. The global stiffness matrix is displayed in these programs. Also a Wireframe Modelling program with source code. Free. ?
WStrudl's WinBeam - is a free, continuous beam analysis program. It is in the WStrudl DEMO but is independent to WinSTRUDL. Download and install the WStrudl demo, run the WMaster.exe and click on the Beam icon. ****
Truss Master Analysis Program - Single form interface, input generators, deflection animation, pan & zoom functions. Free, postware. ***
Beamax is an application for graphically creating, editing and analysing continuous beams. The program supports an Automation interface which allows to run the analysis in other applications like Microsoft Excel or Visual Basic - Free. **
Femax is a component system that provides functionality for structural analysis using the Finite Element Method (FEM). The system defines interfaces for nodes, degrees of freedom (DOF), matrices, vectors, models and elements. The Component Object Model (COM) is used for object linking. All components support an Automation interface for integration using the Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) environment. ?
CALSD "Educational Structural Engineering Program" has been developed at the University of California, San Diego, to support teaching and learning of structural engineering concepts and techniques. CALSD provides functionality for three-dimensional linear elastic static and dynamic analysis. The system has been enhanced with a Windows 95/98/NT user interface. Free ?
Rebar - Freeware bars calculator from Alashki Engineering Solutions. **
DDA for Windows - a free Windows program to perform discontinuous deformation analysis. Manual is available online. ****
ALP99 - Axially loaded pile, elastic pile supported by elasto-plastic springs.
LLP99 - Laterally loaded pile, beam on elasto-plastic springs.
SOILMECH - A summary of the basic principles of soil mechanics.
SPW2001 - Sheet pile wall analysis, beam on elasto-plastic springs, student edition (maximum 4 layers).
STB2001 - Slope stability by Bishop's method, student edition (maximum 3 soil polygons).
Winkler - Beam on elastic foundation.
Free programs from the Geotechnical Laboratory of Delft University.
QSection - free Windows program for computing the section properties of arbitrary sections. ***
ELPLA Limit Edition (ELastic PLAte)- Analysis and design of slab foundations. The reinforcement of slab can be carried out by one of the following design codes: ACI, EC 2, DIN 1045 and ECP. The ELPLA limit edition allows users to easily create projects for analysis and design slab floor or raft foundation. It includes all functions of the ELPLA standard edition except that the node number is limited to 200 nodes. ****
Portal Frame Analysis for MS Windows v3.x/95/98 - Portal Frame Analysis to BS449, works out moments, reactions, stresses and the approximate section sizes required for a given span of a steel portal frame. ?
Frame - Free software for static and dynamic structural analysis of 2D and 3D linear elastic frames and trusses. Computes the static deflections, reactions, internal element forces, natural frequencies, mode shapes and modal participation factors of two-and three- dimensional elastic structures using direct stiffness and mass assembly. From Duke University North Carolina. ?
Cbeam 2002 is a continuous beam software package that allows the user to solve statically indeterminate beam structures. Defining multiple span elements of varying elasticity's with uniform, distributed and concentrated loading applications along with a variety of support conditions is easily at the hands of the user.
Note. Although the package is described as a demo I can't see any limitations on it's use. Also there appears to be no requirements to register.
IntelliCAD 2000 by CADopia (base product) is a full 2D CAD program and is available for free. IntelliCAD's native file format is .DWG. It allows you to open any existing Autodesk AutoCAD file (V2.5 through 2000) and there is no file conversion or data loss. *****
Volo View Express by Autodesk
Free application that lets you display and print AutoCAD® drawings without AutoCAD software. You can exchange information with everyone involved in your project or on your design team, independent of a CAD program.
TurboCAD® v 4 Learning Edition, is a comprehensive, fully functional 2D CAD software product. It is the ideal vehicle for new users to learn how to use and discover the concepts behind CAD software. In addition it is a viable product for producing professional 2D CAD drawings. Free software. *****
CADVANCE 6.5 for Windows - This is a re-release of CADVANCE Version 6.5, a CAD software system designed for Windows 3.1, but yet also runs on Windows 95/98 and NT. Originally released in 1995 at a suggested retail price of $1950, it is now available to anyone free of charge for the software. This is not a demo, but a full working version. ?
QCad is a free open-source 2D CAD system for Linux, various Unices and Windows. The developers main goals are to build a stable, fast and easy to use CAD for everyone. One doesn't need any knowledge of a CAD program to start working with QCad. ****
CadStd Lite
Free 2-D CAD program.
MINOS v. 2.1
Minos is a free, full 3D Solid CAD System.
SoftCAD.3D® Lite Version 1.16 for FREE!
Practical-use software for easy creation of three- dimensional models.
Solid Edge Origin is a FREE, limited-function version of our complete Solid Edge software. It includes 3D modeling of basic parts, a complete 2D drafting system, import and export of 2D CAD data and tutorials. ?
DesignWorkshop Lite - creates 3D models, walk-throughs and renderings, from sketch to presentation, for home design and visualization of architecture, landscapes, exhibits, or any spatial design projects. Free 3D Software ?
VARKON - a free CAD system and high level development tool for Engineering, Computer Aided Design and Product Modeling applications. ?
Thinking 2D - free 2D CAD program. ***
WHIP!® Viewer from Autodesk allows you to quickly and easily distribute design files over a network without AutoCAD® software. It boosts collaboration and information exchange among project members, and it’s available for download free of charge. *****
Drawing QuickViewer provides integrated "quick viewing" of AutoCAD drawing files from the Windows File Explorer. Freeware. ?
DWG Viewer 3.0 - FreeDWG/DXF/DWF Viewer. ?
Power Tools for AutoCAD offers you basic freeware tools for AutoCAD 2000, organized in a clear menu. ****
DESI-III is a powerful and user friendly 2D CAD system with a lot of professional features: associative hatching, dimensioning, associative text attributes to lines and symbols, multiple (up to hundreds) lines or line chains and curves. Automatic interruption of lines on user definable boundaries of symbols AND repairing if the symbols is moved or deleted. Adaptive and powerfull line pattern definitions, macro's etc. etc. Freeware. ?
OttoPDF is a freeware program that converts AutoCAD drawing files into Adobe Acrobat PDF files without using AutoCAD. ?
OttoTiff is a conversion utility that takes AutoCAD DWG files and converts them to TIFF Group IV image files. Freeware. ?
European Structural Steel Sections available in .DWG format. ?
Free USA Engineering Software
WSDOT Bridge Engineering Software
Free programs from the Washington State Department of Transportation.
Office of Earthquake Engineering Software
Free California Transportation Department software for bridge foundations, piles and concrete sections.
Expansion Joint Spacing Design
Free program.
Aladdin -A computational toolkit for the interactive matrix and finite element analysis of large engineering structures, particularly building and highway bridge structures.
Pavement-Transportation Computer Assisted Structural Engineering - Distribution site for free airfield, road, railroad, and general transportation, design and evaluation software written by US Army Corps of Engineers
FElt is a free system for finite element analysis.
The current version of FElt knows how to solve linear static and dynamic structural and thermal analysis problems.
Structural Engineering Programs -
free from the Florida Department of Transportation.
Bridge Software Institute - University of Florida, bridge software.
IDARC - A Computer Program for Inelastic Structural Analysis developed at the State University of New York at Buffalo. The program is distributed free.
Composite Beam/Girder Program
Free program.
Concrete Column Program - This highly powerful program is an essential tool for designing concrete columns in a Professional Engineering office. The Program can handle UniAxial, BiAxial design of Circular, Rectangular and ANY SHAPE (Irregular Shape defined by X,Y Coordinates) Columns.
ConcBeam - reinforced concrete beam "calculator". User enters Bending Moment and Shear, the program generates reinforcement required in text and graphical formats. Working Stress, Load Factor and Load and Resistance, AASHTO or ACI requirements. English and Metric units. Free.
97 UBC Lateral Design Spreadsheet - this spreadsheet is intended as an educational tool for the learning and understanding of the Wood provisions of the 1997 Uniform Building Code. It will perform both flexible and rigid diaphragm analysis. Requires Microsoft Excel. Free.
Two-cycle Moment Distribution - RC Beam - this Excel spreadsheet performs two-cycle moment distribution per the PCA publication of the same name. It designs positive and negative moment reinforcement, stirrups, checks deflection, accounts for column stiffness and performs crack control analysis.
StlShape - is a free program for the analysis and design of simply supported beams and cantilevers. The program can cater for steel, timber and reinforced concrete to American building codes.
Bridge Application Software - free from the Colorado DOT Information Systems, Project Engineering Customer Support Unit.
Excel spreadsheet to analyse freestanding signs. Free download from "Engineering Sign Structures".
The BridgeSight Shear Designer - Free shear design aid for reinforced concrete beams. AASHTO LRFD design. Microsoft Excel version 7.0 or later.
Mathcad Worksheets - for calculating lateral soil pressures on a retaining wall using the Rankine method, area of steel for a concrete T-Beam given the design moment and properties of any general section. Free.
NONLIN - Nonlinear dynamic time history analysis of single degree of freedom systems. Microsoft Windows based application for the dynamic analysis of single degree of freedom structural systems.
Concrete Building Design by Computer - free software with explanations and illustrations covering the analysis and design of concrete building structural components.
Mathcad Application Files - A free collection of Mathcad applications on the official Mathcad web site. Includes a section on Civil Engineering.
From The Structuralist Net - Flexible diaphragm shear distribution Excel spreadsheet, Wide-flange steel beam analysis spreadsheet and an Excel macro to extract line coordinates from Autocad Drawings. Free downloads.
MathCad Templates - many Mathcad template files for structural engineers on the The Structuralist.Net. Free downloads.
Civil Engineering Mathcad Templates - free downloads from the Mathcad Collaboratory.
Geotechnical Engineering Software - Free software from the Office of Bridge Technology, Federal Highway Administration, United States Department of Transportation.
DTColumn - this program quickly and easily calculates reinforced concrete column interaction diagrams. It is a FREE download to anyone interested in using it.
Plane Failure Analysis - calculates the factor of safety for plane failures in rock and soil slopes where defined discontinuity planes exist. Free from the Southern Illinois University.
Wedge Failure Analysis - includes a stereonet view of the planes the user inputs and a printable summary of the analysis. The user can input artifical support (rockbolts, cables, bolts) or calculate the required support by entering the desired factor of safety. Free from the Southern Illinois University.
IDARC-BRIDGE - A Program for Three-Dimensional Nonlinear Inelastic Analysis of Bridges. Allows many aspects of bridge behavior to be explicitly modeled. Developed at the State University of New York at Buffalo. The program is distributed free.
SteelS is a utility containing shape information for W, S, M and HP sections. Basic mechanical and geometrical properties are shown and its based on ASTM A6 as it was current in 2000. Freeware.
Rest Of The World - Free Engineering Software
3D Pile Analysis and Cross-section - 2 free analysis programs in Dutch.
SpanCAD is software for the design of structural reinforced concrete walls, discontinuities, deep beams, walls loaded in plane and box-shaped structures.
Structural Safety - this program computes the reliability of a structure from the safety factors that are used in its design. It is freeware, so, you can download and use it free of charge.
Raul Canle's Structural Engineering page - has some small programs for purlin, stiffeners and plate girder calculations to USA and Spanish codes available for download (in Spanish).
IFB (Integrated Floor Beams) -The IFB program has been developed for the design of slimfloor slabs based on Integrated Floor Beams (IFB) sections, which are composed of a frame with a split-up wide flange section and a plate welded as bottom or top flange. It is only possible to calculate simple beams that are hung at the two supports.
AFCC - The AFCC program calculates the ultimate loads for composite columns AF 30/120 at room temperature according to EUROCODE 4, part 1.1 (ENV 1944.1-1) and for the ISO fire classes R30, R60, R90 and R120, in accordance with EUROCODE 4, part 1.2 (ENV 1944,1.2).
AFCB - The AFCB program calculates the ultimate bending moments for composite beams at room temperature according to EUROCODE 4, part 1.1 (ENV 1944.1-1) and for the ISO fire classes R30, R60, R90 and R120, in accordance with EUROCODE 4, part 1.2 (ENV 1944,1.2).
European Structural Steel Sections Technical Data in Excel format from the Europrofil sales programme.
Response-2000 is an easy to use sectional analysis program that will calculate the strength and ductility of a reinforced concrete cross-section subjected to shear, moment, and axial load. All three loads are considered simultaneously to find the full load-deformation response using the latest research based on the modified compression field theory. The program was developed at the University of Toronto.
Membrane-2000 is an easy to use analysis program that will calculate the load-deformation relationship for a uniform panel of reinforced concrete subjected to in-plane shear loading. The program implements the Modified Compression Field Theory as well as the Rotating Angle-Softened Truss Model and the Fixed Angle-Softened Truss Models. The program was developed at the University of Toronto.
Shell-2000 is an easy to use analysis program that will calculate the load-deformation relationship for a general plate or shell subjected to any combination of the 8 loads that are possible for such an element. Shell-2000 is the first program to properly account for the out-of-plane shear distribution in a rigorous way. The program implements the Modified Compression Field Theory to arrive at solutions. The program was developed at the University of Toronto.
Triax-2000 is an easy to use analysis program that will calculate the load-deformation relationship for a uniform block of reinforced concrete in three dimensions. It may be subjected to any combination of the general 6 stresses that can be applied to an arbitrary 3D block. The program implements the Modified Compression Field Theory to arrive at solutions. The program was developed at the University of Toronto.
Multiple Fastener Connections (WIN/UK/free) - Developed for the research project 'double shear timber connections with dowel type fasteners', by Dr.Ir. Andre Jorissen. With the MFJ program the reduction in the load carrying capacity for multiple fastener connections can be simulated for a variable number of fasteners, depending on the geometry and material properties.
Timber Frame Housing (DOS/NL/free) - Developed for the Nordic Timber Council and distributed amongst architects, technical schools and consumers in the Netherlands on quite a large scale. The program shows you the main principles of detailing and construction for this building method.
Dutch Glulam Design Program (DOS/NL+UK/free) - With the glulam design program it is easy to design laminated timber constructions quickly and accurately. The program has been designed to be used by structural engineers as well as architects. The program calculates and optimizes the required dimensions, and outputs the moments, shear forces and displacements on either screen or printer.
Timber Poles Program (DOS/NL/free) - Program for the design and calculation of foundations with timber poles. You can download and use the program for free.
Analysis of a Reinforced Concrete Section - free spreadsheet for the new Australian Standards Concrete Structures and Bridge Design Codes. Calculate stresses under combined bending & axial load, minimum reinforcement areas, crack widths to BS5400 & EuroCode2, ultimate moment capacity for specified axial load, display moment/axial load interaction diagram.
ProfilARBED - European beams selection program. The aim of the program is to give the user a fast method to find a steel beam and its associated properties. This can be done by selecting a profile by its name or by searching a profile responding to a set of user-defined conditions.
CCD - Composite Column Design according to Eurocode 4 (ENV 1994-1-1).
PURLIN SIZER - is a downloadable Excel spreadsheet file which uses the information from the Cold Formed Lipped Channel spreadsheet to automatically size CFLC purlins. Also, South African Steel Tables in Excel format.
DesignInHyne / TasDesign - Free timber beam design software for design to Australian standards.
Top1 NL design version 4.21 - Dutch modern design & engineering tool for timber structures. Optimizes a wide range of structure types, from simple beams and purlins, through boomerang beams and portals. In glulam, sawn timber or Kerto. German version available too. Free.
Excel spreadsheets for geotechnical engineering from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.
BigSolve - German beam/frame analysis program.
Free Office Software
Columbus - Free Document Management system from Arup. *****
AVG 6.0 Anti-Virus System - Free Edition, AVG Resident Protection, AVG Email Scanner, AVG On-Demand Scanner, Scheduled Tests, Free Virus Database Updates, Automatic Update feature, Easy-To-Use Interface, Automatic Healing of infected files, AVG Virus Vault for safe handling of infected files.
F-PROT Anti-Virus Software
From the Imperial College server.Free for personal use. Click the following for more information: CLICK!
Time Stamp - a freeware program you can use to easily track time spent on a project. It enables you to time how long you spend on a task, including features that let you take "slack time" for a phone call or break. Times for various tasks can be linked to an hourly charge rate for accurate billing.
ZipCentral is a free, robust and easy to use zip file manager with a lot of features. Supports all common zip file actions plus creation of self-extracting archives, drag and drop, disk spanning, shell execution, repairing damaged archives and more. User interface similar to other popular shareware archive managers.
StarOffice™ software is a powerful, cross-platform office productivity suite -- available free of charge -- that delivers seamless access to applications and files. Includes spreadsheet software.
Copernic 2000 is an intelligent agent that carries out your net-searches by simultaneously consulting the most important search engines of the Internet. Some 65 information sources are accessible with this version. Copernic 2000 is FREE.
Go!Zilla - recover from download errors and resume failed downloads, manage and categorize files to download later and get those files from the most responsive site. Free unlimited, fully functional.
Microsoft Word Viewer 97/2000 (Win95/98/NT)
This free program lets you view and print not only MS Word 97/2000 documents, but also documents created with all prior versions of Word for Windows and version 4.0 and above of Word for Macintosh.
Free PDF v0.95 Public Beta - Create your own PDFs files for free. Make professional looking, PDF Portable Document Format viewable/printable with AdobeAcrobat Reader on any platform.
Adobe® Acrobat® Reader™ is free software that lets you view and print Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files.
IrfanView is a very fast FREEWARE 32-Bit graphic viewer for Windoze 9x, Windows NT and Windows 2000.
602Pro PC Suite v2000b is an integrated office suite which includes four applications: a word processor, spreadsheet, graphics editor, and visual desktop. OS: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000 License: Freeware.
GNOME Office includes AbiWord, Gnumeric, GIMP, Dia, EOG, GNOME-PIM, and GNOME-DB. AbiWord is a word processor, Gnumeric is a spreadsheet application, the GIMP is an extremely powerful and versatile image editing program, Dia draws structured diagrams, Eye Of GNOME is an image viewer, GNOME-PIM is a personal information manager, and GNOME-DB provides database connectivity. Freeware project.
Grids was designed as a simple vectorial drawing software for Windows. Its principal functions are dedicated to schemes drawing, thus you can generate libraries with symbols which can be easily used (many symbols are provided with Grids). It can be used for networks schemes, for electrical schemes, for databases conception, flood charts, etc. Grids is a free software.
Drawme - a drawing program for Windows 3.1 This drawing program is freeware and is designed to provide a simple means for creating diagrams and illustrations to scale.
WordWeb is a free comprehensive dictionary and thesaurus that works with several word processors or as a stand alone program. The program has a large database of more than 120,000 root words, 100,000 synonym sets and comes with a template file so you can use it directly with Microsoft Word 6.0, 7.0, or 97.
THE Thinking Man's Thesaurus - includes a powerful thesaurus and a dictionary which can check the spelling of individual words as well as provide you with a list of similarly spelt words. Freeware.
Sicyon is a freeware all-in-one type of software consisting: expression calculator + constants database + units converter + solver.
Calc98 - is a pocket calculator simulator program for the Microsoft Windows operating system. It is a replacement for the calculator program which is included with the operating system, with many additional features and greater flexibility. It is especially designed for scientific and engineering users and includes a wide range of units conversions and scientific functions. Free.
GraphTablet - With a simple, pushbutton interface you can create blank rectangular, polar, or semilog graph paper on your home printer. Free.