hello all fadoos!

The assignment attached is a systems design and engineering from an australian university. It's our fourth year assignment and we are asked to reverse engineer a circuit that's given to us by breaking the overall system into its constituent subsystems and analyse those subsystmes collectively to measure up how the entire circuit is working.

I haven't done a circuit analysis course in a long time and I was wondering if some of you geniuses could help me reverse engineer the circuit in terms if somebody could tell me what the subsystmes are at a functional level and how they are interfaced with each other. We need to describe the system and tell what it is and as well as describe its operation.
I just need some direction and guidance about what this circuit may be and then I can do the research. My current prediction is that its some form of thermostat or thermal control feedback circuit. But I am not sure.

Any help will be deeply appreciated. If anybody has questions about studying abroad in Australia then I can answer your queries on my email nphokela@hotmail.com
Your Regards,