Welcome to another course in the STEP 2000 series, Siemens Technical Education Program, designed to prepare our sales
personnel and distributors to sell Siemens Energy & Automation products more effectively. This course covers Power Monitoring and Management with ACCESS and related products.

Upon completion of Power Monitoring and Management with ACCESS you should be able to:
Identify five benefits of using the ACCESS system
Explain the difference between peak, peak-to-peak, instantaneous, average, and effective values of AC current and voltage
Identify linear and nonlinear loads
Explain various industry terms for voltage conditions
Describe a CBEMA curve
Explain the effects of harmonics on a distribution system and associated equipment
Explain the difference between true power, reactive power, and apparent power
Identify solutions for various power supply problems
Select appropriate power meters for use in a distribution system
Explain various communication standards and network protocols
Explain the use of various components in an ACCESS controlled distribution system.
Please find the attached file along with the notes.