I need lab manual for the below syllabus


Experiment List :

1) Implement parallel sorting and aggregates.
2) Implement parallel joins
3) Implement Hash joins
4) Implement semi join in distributed DBMS
5) Implement bloom join in distributed DBMS
6) Implement two phase commit in distributed DBMS
7) Implementation of OLAP queries
8) Implementation of cube operator in OLAP queries in data warehousing and decision support system
9) Implement decision tree of data mining problem
10) Implement a priori algorithm in data mining
11) Simulation of a search engine
12) Implement view modification and materialization in data warehousing and decision support systems
13) Implementation of data log queries for deductive databases (Negation, Aggregate, Recursive etc.)
14) Implement R Trees in spatial databases
15) Implementation of spatial database queries