Wireless access to voice and data services is swiftly becoming the core strategic issue in the telecommunications industry. Equitable and economical access to customers facilitates fast roll out of services and enables profitable operation. Cordless access technologies have been helping to achieve this ideal.

Current issues include:
the exploitation of microwave point-to-multipoint systems particularly for data and internet applications
the introduction and/or expansion of Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) and other similar technologies as wireless access methods for residential and business subscribers
the emergence of Wireless Data Centrex, which provides opportunities for many operators to enter the previously sheltered market of data access within buildings, (a key development for European carriers in particular)
increased competition in local loop access such as use of CATV fiber optic cables and other radio technologies for telephony and data transmission
privatization of former government-owned monopolies in telecommunication markets continues to present new opportunities
many new ventures in the cordless world have been initiated by a collaboration of industry players, rather than just single organizations, leading to development of international standards. Examples include Bluetooth (a wireless standard interconnecting mobile phones and computers) and Symbian (an operating system for wireless personal
digital assistants).
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