Here is the seminar on Acoustics in auditorium.

"Acoustics" is a science of sound, which deals with origin, propagation and auditory sensation of sound, and also with design & construction of different building units to set optimum conditions for producing &listening speech, music, etc.
While our forefathers lived in relative tranquility, we are subjected to an incredible increase in the sources of noise and noise intensity both inside & outside our buildings, often with serious and harmful effects. At the same time, it has become an accepted practice to replace the conventionally thick and heavy building construction with thin, light, prefabricated, sometimes even movable building elements. There is also a growing demand for considerably improved hearing conditions. The knowledge of this science is essential for proper functioning of theaters, auditoriums, hospitals, conference halls, etc. also buildings are becoming increasingly mechanized. Use of A.C., work machines, appliances like: vacuum cleaners, typewriters, etc., noise pattern of building has increased, leading to greater need of noise control.
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