Training Report on “Control of 16 devices through a digital keypad”.

Learning Objectives:-
In this time period we were given instructive training about device control and their stimulation. We were also told to prepare an abstract on any new technology. In which I prepare a project on control of device with less wire. This report was submitted to them. They also told us how device are controlled at a Remote area and the operator operates it via a key board or any device. In this I learn the application of digital electronics up to an extent.
In long term period we were told to prepare a project report on control of 16 devices via 4*4 keyboard. So I have prepared my report on control of 16 devices via 4*4 keyboard and given to the director of DRDO, Jodhpur.With the help of reference books, research paper in the defence lab and different websites. Being a student of electronics it enhanced my knowledge about the various electronic equipments which help in the long-term
Please see the files attached with it.