you can find lots of projects on PIC microcontroller for ECE/EE/CSE final year students in bellow following link with full c code it will help you lots

GSM based Control System by pic microcontroller

Interfacing Camera with PIC Microcontroller via Matlab GUI

Interfacing Dot Matrix led Display with PIC Microcontroller

Digital Voltmeter (0-50v) using PIC Microcontroller

Digital thermometer with auto saving log file in excel by Pic microcontroller

Interfacing DS1307 Real time clock with PIC16f877

Automatic street light control by pic microcontroller

PIC microcontroller based fastest finger press quiz buzzer project

Interfacing android with pic microcontroller via Bluetooth

Password controlled sliding door with SMS alert by pic Microcontroller

Interfacing GSM module with PIC Microcontroller

Servo motor control by Microcontroller PIC16f877 and MATLAB GUI

Interfacing GLCD with PIC16F877A

Automated Railway Gate Controlled by PIC16F877A

Lm35 interfacing with pic 16f877 through adc0808

Project on making calculator using PIC16F877 and Mikcro C Pro

Scrolling Text on LCD by PIC Microcontroller