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Thread: PhD Programs In USA - How To Do PhD In US PDF Download

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    Favorite 32 PhD Programs In USA - How To Do PhD In US PDF Download

    Hi! This is Raj, an education expert for education in USA.I have written about education in USA ,what you all students need to know before you plan to study in USA

    The highest academic degree which the students can earn is the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.).Students who want to make their career in teaching often go for this course.

    How are Ph.D. Programs Listed?

    In most of the programs Doctoral degrees can be earned , including social sciences, natural sciences, humanities, arts, business, healthcare and education. Individual Ph.D. programs are highly field-specific and often selected based on faculty advisors as much as schools, so students seeking lists of Ph.D. programs may wish to narrow down a field of study first. Many students also select a specific focus within their fields, such as ancient history or molecular biology, in order to identify a school or program that offers relevant faculty expertise and research opportunities.

    phd programs in usa - study abroad usa

    Professional Organizations:-

    Organizations for professionals in a specific field sometimes list and rank Ph.D. programs in their discipline in order to help prospective students choose the best program. For instance, a student who wishes to find Ph.D. programs in social psychology may consult the list maintained at the Social Psychology Network, which also provides the psychology Ph.D. rankings from the National Research Council

    Degree Recognition

    Any individual passing out with a PhD degree from a US university is considered as a subject expert. Thus, acquiring an American PhD degree is a prestigious honor. The career opportunities widen for students with this distinguished degree from an educational institution of the US.

    Degree Structure

    Obtaining a Master’s degree is an essential requirement before applying for PhD program. However, this may not be compulsory in all cases, as some universities and colleges provide the opportunity of giving admission to PhD program directly after the Bachelor’s degree with exceptionally outstanding coursework records. The final decision of giving admission or not to such special cases lies entirely on the university or head of the university department. The duration of a doctoral degree in USA varies from a minimum period of three years to a maximum time of six years. The duration of the course purely depends upon the field chosen, ability of the student, and complexity of the research work undertaken. On successful completion of the doctoral degree, the university confers the subject scholar with an honorary doctorate degree and the scholar is deemed to add the title ‘Doctor’ before his name.

    Subjects for Doctoral Degree

    Machine Learning and Statistics; American Studies and Ethnicity; Biomedical Engineering; Algorithms, Combinatory and Optimization; Bioengineering; Bioinformatics; Building Construction; Chemical Engineering; Computational Science and Engineering; Computer Science; Design with concentration in Industrial Design; Human-Centered Computing; Management; Paper Science and Engineering; Robotics; Nursing Science Program; Materials Science and Engineering; Classical Civilization; Environmental Engineering Sciences; Agriculture; Art History; Astronomy; Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Biomechanics; Building Construction; Counseling Psychology; Criminology, Law and Society; Economics; Film and Media Studies; Genetics; Finance and Real Estate; Geography; Marketing; Mass Communication; Music Education; Philosophy; Public Policy and Administration; Romantics; Statistics; Accounting; Anthropology; Applied Physics; Botany; Zoology

    Admissions Requirements

    • The application procedure for PhD programs start much before you even take your GRE/TOEFL exams. The subject, in which you desire to research on, should be chosen during your Master’s degree, to give you a better prospect of what to expect at a higher level.
    • Collect all your transcripts for the university coursework done and degrees completed. Get your marks converted into grades, as all universities in US follow the grading system.
    • Arrange original copies of all your mark sheets and previous work experience certificates, as most universities ask for original documents. In case you cannot arrange for the originals, contact the university for alternatives.
    • Take the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) and TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) tests and ensure that you have high scores as that would increase your chances of admission to your preferred university.
    • Write a statement of purpose, of about 800 to 1000 words, indicating why you aspire to join a particular program under a particular advisor, in a particular university. Also include about yourself and your achievements in the past. Make sure that the statement of purpose is well-written and enhances your personality, as it is an important admission criterion for granting admission to a student.
    • Get three letters of recommendation from people in academic or professional communities, who can positively address your capabilities and potential for undertaking doctoral work.

    Application Procedure

    • Start requesting for application forms to a number of universities at least 15 to 18 months before the proposed date of admission. You can either fill the online form posted on the university’s website or send a request by airmail to the university, for application material.
    • After completing all the application form, necessary documents, and other formalities demanded by the Admissions Office of the university, assemble them together neatly in a file.
    • Post the documents to the university before the closing date of applications. Make a note of the list of the tracking numbers, date of posting, and contents of every packet you have sent to the universities. Confirm the delivery of your documents through their respective tracking numbers.

    Cost of Education

    Tuition Fees in $US
    A doctoral degree in a US university can cost you anywhere between $10,000 per year for a state university and $40,000 per year for an esteemed private university. Most students get significant amount of funding, in exchange of which students can provide 15-20 hours per week of service to the university. It can be either teaching or helping with research. This provides an additional benefit to the students as they can earn money, build networking, and update their CV with their work done.

    Living & Other Expense in $US
    The average annual living expenses, including accommodation, food, clothing, utilities, phone, and sundry, cost about $7,200-12,000 per year.

    Accommodation Expense in $US
    Depending upon your lifestyles and area of accommodation, you can end up spending $400 per month on rent, if you are residing alone in Auburn or sharing an apartment with 6 people in New York.

    Health Insurance in $US
    Mostly, health insurance is a mandatory requirement by US universities for international students. Thus, students are required to have adequate international student health insurance protection, as universities do not want to bear the medical expenses of international students. Health or medical insurance in USA can cost about $300-$400 per year

    If You have any query regarding the education in USA.please feel free to ask .I'll be glad to answer them

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    Re: PhD Programs In USA - How To Do PhD In US PDF Download

    Can we go USA for Phd after completing M.Tech from IIT's.?
    without qualifying GRE/TOFEL, on the Basis of references of IIT's Professors?

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    Re: PhD Programs In USA - How To Do PhD In US PDF Download

    Very much beneficial information...thanks
    Vrishti Singh

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