this statistics according to the leading news paper shocks practicing and non practicing engineers in india for sure....!
an undergraduate course in engineering does not seem to be a surefire way to bag a job,if it goes by the national employability report,engineering graduates,2014,released by aspiring minds,a private employability solutions company.

reality check
1) 18.33% of the 6 lakh engineers,who graduate in the country every year,are employable.
2) 18.09% of the engineering graduates actually get a job

red alert
1) 91.82% of them lack programming and algorithm skills
2) 73.63% lack english speaking and comprehension skills
3) 71.23% lack soft and cognitive skills
4) 60% lack domain ( respective engg.branch)knowledge
5) 57.96% have poor analytical and quantitative skills.

so,to all the engineers out there utilize this information so that you become a good practicing engineer who has all the above said skills......!