Paper Presentation & Seminar On "Artificial Neural Network"

Many task which seem simple for us, such as reading a handwritten note or recognizing a face, are difficult task for even the most
advanced computer. In an effort to increase the computer ability to perform such task, programmers began designing software to act more like the human brain, with its neurons and synaptic connections. Thus the field of “Artificial neural network” was born. Rather than employ the traditional method of one central processor (a Pentium) to carry out many instructions
one at a time, the Artificial neural network software analyzes data by passing it through several simulated processos which are interconnected with synaptic like “weight” Once we have collected several record of the data we wish to analyze, the network will run through them and “learn ” the input of each record may be related to the result. After training on a few doesn‟t cases the
network begin to organize and refines its on own architecture to feed the data to much the human brain.

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