Paper Presentation & Seminar On "Digital Display Technology"

In the present world, the display technology is usually analog. But, we present the future technology i.e., the digital technology. The analog display technologies limit the full potential of digital video. So, the digital display devices will be in the market soon. In our paper, we emphasize on Digital Light Processing (DLP). This DLP display technology manipulates the light digitally to produce all-digital images. This technology reproduces color images with precision accuracy in a seamless fashion. The picture appears seamless because the mirror pixels used in a DLP system have very tiny spaces. This in turn gives high perceived resolution.

The DLP systems are inherently reliable. DLP is a reflective technology, because the image becomes brighter and brighter as the resolution increases. As this is a reflective technology, it is more efficient than competing systems. Hence the
world will definitely move over to the new technology i.e., the digital technology and we are sure that the digital technology will have a promising future

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