Paper Presentation & Seminar On "Domain Name System"

Although programs theoretically could refer to hosts, mailboxs and other resources by their network (e.g., IP) addresses, these addresses are hard for people to remember. Also, sending e-mail to tana@ means that if Tana’s ISP or organization moves the mail server to a different machine with a different IP address, her e-mail address has to change.Consequently, ASCII names were introduced to decouple machine name from machine addresses. In this way,

Tana’s address might be something like that, the network itself understands only numerical address-es, so some mechanism is required to convert the ASCII strings to network addresses. In the following sections we will study how this mapping is accomplished in the internet. Way back in the ARPANET, there was simply a file, hosts.txt that listed all the hosts & their IP addresses. Every night, all the hosts would fetch it from the site at which it was maintained. For a network of a few hundred large timesharing machines, this approach worked reasonably well.

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