Paper Presentation & Seminar On "Fuel Cells"

“Necessity is the mother of invention. Energy crisis is the cry of future.”
The historical and the present-day civilization are closely interwoven with energy and in future, our existence will be more dependent upon energy. The conventional sources of energy, the single most important pre-requisite for power
A new approach to fuel cells turns wastewater into clean water and electricity.
generation, are depleting fast. The world is heading towards a global energy crisis mostly due to running out of these energy sources; decreasing the dependency on fossil fuels is recommended. Yet, the sources of energy are infinite. The greatest task today is to exploit the non-conventional energy resources for power generation.

Starting with brief history of Fuel Cells, this paper presents an innovative emission-offset project that utilizes anaerobic digester gas-powered fuel cells to produce electricity. ADG is primarily a mixture of gasses which are the byproducts of anaerobic decomposition at waste water treatment plants. At many waste water treatment plants ADG is being utilized inefficiently, or not at all. If ADG is released uncombusted, it significantly contributes to the green house effect. This designation necessitates installation of control and monitoring technologies, which can be very costly. Fuel Cells provide the most effective solution to these problems. They efficiently generate premium quality electricity and much needed thermal energy, while consuming ADG and emitting negligible amount of regulated pollutions.

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