ABSTRACT:In the rapidly flourishing country like ours, accidents in the unmanned level crossings areincreasing day by day. No fruitful steps have been taken so far in these areas. Our paper dealswith automatic railway gate operation (i.e.) implemented in unmanned level crossings atremote areas. Detection of train approaching the gate can be sensed by means of four sensors placed on either side of the gate.Train arrival and departure sensing can be achieved by means of Relaytechniques. When the wheels of the train moves over, both tracks are shorted to ground andthis acts as a signal to microcontroller (89C51) indicating train arrival. RED signal appearsfor the road user, once the train cuts the relay sensor placed before the 5Kms before thegate .A buzzer is made on as a pre cautionary measure for the road users.Once micro controller senses that there are no vehicles inside, it automatically produces signal to operate motor through relay circuit and hence close the gate for passage of train. This can be implemented in manned level crossings also, as manual errors can beeliminated by automation