Paper Presentation On " The Use of Translators as a co-existence strategy for IPv4 - IPv6 transition for 3G evolution"

In the coming decade, we are said to confront the final frontiers of the mobile revolution. The 3G or the Third Generation mobile technology is expected to fulfil the idea of location and data independent communication. It is almost now clear that the packet switched (PS) technology will dominate the technological developments in the mobile sector. The packet switched technology would not only integrate the mobile infrastructure with the already existing Internet backbone, but also provide the facility of “always on“ connection.

These two features are seen to be two great leaps forward in the direction of 3G. The Packet switched technology would not only enhance the existing data messaging services, but also provide alternate voice services through VOIP. The mobile vendors have planned long term strategies for 3G evolution. The most popular path is through GSM-GPRS-EDGE. This has allowed gradual transition, giving enough time for development, deployment and testing of better technologies.

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