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Thread: minor project topic help

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    Pdf 32 minor project topic help

    hello friends please help me on minor project Please help me i have need this books

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    Re: minor project topic help

    Piracy Protection Security Component
    Online Task Management
    Text Based Search Engine Development
    Remote Desktop Communication
    Video and Audio Conversation
    Email Sending Utility development
    System Advisor tool
    Web based UI Component development
    Desktop UI Component Generation
    Project Validation Component Generation
    Project Validation Component Generation
    Web server and Client Development for
    Online Parallel Examination
    Remote Database Admin TOOL on WEB
    Database Migration tool
    Online NEWS Publication System
    Network Firewall implementation
    Subjective Data mining
    Common interface Chat
    Online Ticket Booking
    PC Cleaner Utility
    Version Control Server
    Online Video Streaming Player
    Website designing tool
    Online Banking
    File Comparison and Merging tool
    Website Broken Link Detector
    Website Organic Compliance Checker
    MS-Template based web page generation
    Railway Prepaid Auto Management System
    Remote Web Based Java Executor
    Website Hosting cPanel for Any Web Server
    IDE with Drag and Drop Based Application
    Ticket Based Support System
    Hardware Accessories Management
    Wholesale management system(Major)
    Desktop Organizer
    Patient Management System
    Blood Bank Management System
    Human Resource Management System
    Payroll System
    Website Performance Evaluation System
    Job Portal and Recruitment Engine
    Web Crawler Search engine using Apache Lucene API
    FTP Client Application Development
    Private/Propriety Protocol development
    Task management System over web
    Network Cluster Configuration
    Color Palate Interior Color Theme Chooser

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