Paper Presentation & Seminar On "Organic Light Emitting Diode "

Organic Light Emitting Diode is a scalable nano level emerging technology in Flat Panel Displays and as a White Light Source with efficient features. This paper focuses on OLED structure, principle aspects, fabrication methodology and different techniques to replace current white light sources like Incandescent bulbs, Fluorescent tubes, and even display techniques like Liquid Crystal Displays, Plasma technologies. OLEDs can be fabricated using Polymers or by small molecules. OLED matrix displays offer high contrast, wide viewing angle and a broad temperature range at low power consumption. These are Cheaper, Sharper,
Thinner, and Flexible.

OLEDs have a potential of being white-light sources that are

  • Bright, power-efficient and long lived, by emitting pleasing white light
  • Ultra-thin, light weight, rugged, and conformable Inexpensive, portable

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