Computer Science Database Management System Testing Interview Questions.

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1. What is the Motto of a Tester?
a) All Testers should feel & think like an End user.
b) Testers should try to crash the system in a proper way.
c) And also should try to break or confuse the system.
d) Tester must always try to get bugs & fix those.
e) Tester should try to make negative testing also.
f) For doing these all things, he has to frame no. Of test plans & test cases.

2. Why do we test at Backend?
Suppose, users have local database at their system and main database at host side. In this case a tester has to test both databases. Because while accessing the data from the host, there may be a chance of incompatible, between local & host databases. So a tester has to test all their schemas, data types field size etc. Eg: If at host database field size is only 5 and an user entering 10 characters, then it truncates and stores 5 characters in the database. So, it is a bug. In this scenario we need to test all cases.

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