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Thread: Electronics Data Communication And Networking Ebook PDF Download

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    Pdf 32 Electronics Data Communication And Networking Ebook PDF Download

    Electronics Data Communication And Networking Ebook

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    A computer network, often simply referred to as a network, is a collection of hardware components and computers interconnected by communications channels that allow sharing of resources and information.[1]

    Networks may be classified according to a wide variety of characteristics such as the medium used to transport the data, communications protocol used, scale, topology, and organizational scope.

    The rules and data formats for exchanging information in a computer network are defined by communications protocols. Well-known communications protocols are Ethernet, a hardware and Link Layer standard that is ubiquitous in local area networks, and the Internet Protocol Suite, which defines a set of protocols for internetworking, i.e. for data communication between multiple networks, as well as host-to-host data transfer, and application-specific data transmission formats.

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