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Thread: Mechanical Engineering Ebook in Automation, Production System & CIM

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    Burner Mechanical Engineering Ebook in Automation, Production System & CIM


    1,1 Production System Facilities
    1.1.1 LowQuantity Production
    1.1.2 Medium Quantity Production
    1.1.3 High Production
    1.2 Manufaeturing Support Syslems
    1.3 Automation in Production Systems
    1.3.1 Automated Manutacturtnq Svstems
    1.3.2 Computerized Manufacturing Support Systems
    1.3.3 Reasons for Automating
    1.4 Manllal Labor in Production Systems
    1.4.1 Manual Labor in Factory Operations
    1.4,2 Labor in Manufacturing Support Systems
    1.5 Automation Principles and Strategies
    1.5.1 USA Principle
    1.5.2 Ten Strategies of Automation and Production Systems
    1.5.3 Automation Migration Strategy
    1.6 Organization of the Book

    This book is about production systems that are used to manufacture products and the parts
    assembled into those products.

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