Applied chemistry Ebook - Notes - Tutorial

Here is the full syllabus which the attached ebooks would cover

Unit I
Organic Chemistry
Organic reactions of Industrial Significance.
(i)Alcohols, phenols & ethers : Reactions of alcohols with alkaline earth metals , Iodoform reaction, Oxidation, conversion of alcohols into Mesylates &Tosylates ;Crown ethers & epoxides ; Reimer-Tiemann reaction , Kolbes-Schimidt reaction mechanisms (ii) Aldehydes & Ketones : Oxidation & reduction , Perkin reaction ,Claison-Schmidt reaction, Benzoin condensation, Knovenagel reaction, reformatsky reaction,Wittig reaction. (iii)carboxylic acids and their derivatives : Hell-Volhartd Zelinsky reaction ,Hoffmann bromide reaction, Curtius and Lorsen Reaction (iv) Nitrocompounds: Reduction of nitrobenzene under different conditions (v) Amines : Reactions with nitrous acids , Diazotization and reactions of arenedizonium salts

Unit II
(i) Concept of aromaticity in benzoid and non-benzoid compounds, aromatic and non-aromatic compounds (ii)Organomettalic compounds : Applications of Grignard Reagent and Lithium aluminum hydride (iii) Stereochemistry : Conformational analysis : various terms , conformational analysis of cyclohexane and 1,2 –disubstituted cyclohexane . Stereoisomerism of cyclic compounds (cyclohexane), chiral drugs (ibuprofen),the relative and absolute configuration ,stereoselective and stereospecific reactions .
Unit III
Surface Chemistry
(i) Catalysis : Acid base catalyzed reaction, enzyme catalyzed reaction and heterogeneous catalyzed reaction (ii) Surface tension determination and Applications (iii) Adsorption Isotherms- Freundlich and Langmuir (iv) Colloids: General methods of preparation and properties, hydrophilic and hydrophobic sols, Electrical Properties of colloids (v) Colligative Properties: Lowering of Vapor Pressure, Elevation in boiling point, lowering in melting point, Osmotic Pressure and their relation with molecular weight
Unit IV:
Analytical Chemistry
Instrumental methods of chemical analysis: A brief introduction and applications of Conductometry , Potentiometer, GLC, HPLC , mass spectroscopy and atomic absorption Spectroscopy.

Unit V:
Natural Organic Molecules
Biomolecules: Definition, types of biomolecules-nucleosides & nucleotides (DNA and RNA), saccharides (glucose, fructose, maltose and cellulose), lignin, lipids and amino acids (protein structure of apoenzymes, isoenzymes and vitamins) and their industrial applications.

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