you will find the complete paper on following topics
  1. Bandwidth Enhancement of Stacked Microstrip Antennas Using Hexagonal Shape Multi-resonators
  2. Study of Probabilistic Neural Network and Feed Forward Back Propagation Neural Network for Identification of Characters in License Plate
  3. Efficient Minimization of Servo Lag Error in Adaptive Optics Using Data Stream Mining
  4. Soft Switching of Modified Half Bridge Fly-Back Converter
  5. A Novel Approach for Prevention of SQL Injection Attacks Using Cryptography and Access Control Policies
  6. IMC Design Based Optimal Tuning of a PID-Filter Governor Controller for Hydro Power Plant
  7. Thermal and Flicker Noise Modelling of a Double Gate MOSFET
  8. Optimizing Resource Sharing in Cloud Computing
  9. Design of Controller for an Interline Power Flow Controller and Simulation in MATLAB

You guys will also find short papers on the following topics....
  • Harmonics Reduction and Amplitude Boosting in Polyphase Inverter Using 60oPWM Technique
  • Face Recognition Using Gray Level Weight Matrix (GLWM)
  • Location for Stability Enhancement in Power Systems Based on Voltage Stability Analysis and Contingency Ranking
  • Reliable Barrier-Free Services (RBS) for Heterogeneous Next Generation Network

Not only this.....
You'll also find the poster papers on below mentioned:

  • Power Factor Correction Based on RISC Controller
  • Customized NoC Topologies Construction for High Performance Communication Architectures
  • Improving CPU Performance and Equalizing Power Consumption for Multicore Processors in Agent Based Process Scheduling
  • Wireless 3-D Gesture and Chaaracter Recoginition
  • Design of High Sensitivity SOI Piezoresistive MEMS Pressure Sensor
  • Power Factor Correction in Wound Rotor Induction Motor Drive By Using Dynamic Capacitor
  • An Intelligent Intrusion Detection System for Mobile Ad- Hoc Networks Using Classification Techniques