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Thread: Study Cost In Canada-Cost Of Study In Canada

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    Favorite 32 Study Cost In Canada- Cost Of Education In Canada

    Hi! This is Lovely, an education expert for education in Canada.I have written about education in Canada,what you all students need to know before you plan to study in Canada

    Study Cost In Canada

    Most people think that living In Canada is cheaper than the European Countries .But the fact is that it also provides a standard and quality education.Students Come here to study their graduate courses as well as post graduate courses.Canada is also known for its beauty.

    Canadian housing is particularly cheap compared with other developed nations - the average house price in Canada is around seven times the average annual wage. Prices are highest in Ontario and Alberta (seven to eight times the average wage) and Vancouver (eleven times the average wage).
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    People moving to Canada with the proceeds of house sales from countries with more expensive housing can often buy a house in Canada with a considerably reduced mortgage. This leaves more of their income for other activities and lowers their cost of living in Canada significantly.

    Here are some typical costs for living in Canada:
    Bus Fare One Way (local) $2.00 - $3.00
    Average Restaurant Meal $10.00 - $25.00 per person
    Movie $8.50 - $12.00
    Letter within Canada $0.52
    International Postage (letter) $1.55

    Cost of Studying in Canada

    Tuition Fees

    Universities and colleges in Canada do not have a singular level of study cost. In fact, the tuition fees vary from institution to institution, course to course, and province to province. While colleges are relatively cheaper than universities; engineering, medical, MBA, and law courses prove to be an expensive deal as opposed to non-applied studies. The average tuition fees for an academic year for different educational institutions have been listed below:

    Colleges: CDN $9000-12,000 per year

    University Transfer Program (UTP): CDN $9000-12,000 per year

    University Foundations Program: CDN $9000-11,000 per year

    University: CDN $10,000-16,000 per year

    The above stated tuition fees can very well increase up till $30,000-40,000, depending upon the popularity of the university, course, and province.

    Living & Other Expenses in CDN$

    Cost of living in Canada includes accommodation, transportation, food, books and study material, laundry, utility bills, clothing, social trips, telephone, medical insurance, entertainment, and miscellaneous expenses. These expenses can cost you anywhere between $7200 and $11,000 on a yearly basis.

    Accommodation Expenses in CDN$

    International students can find a decent number of accommodation facilities to undertake their study programs in Canada. They have the option of living either in the hostels provided within the college premises or switch to rent accommodation outside the college campus. University provided accommodation costs about $400 to $7500 per month, while private rented apartments range from $250 to $1500, thus, being an affordable transaction. Given here are the costs for different types of accommodation in Canada:

    School provided homestays - $400 to $800

    School provided residence/dormitory - $3000 to $7500

    Off-Campus housing (shared accommodation) - $250 to $700

    Off-Campus housing (suite or apartment) - $400 to $1500

    Health Insurance in CDN$

    Traveling to Canada for higher studies? Getting a student health and medical insurance is highly essential for foreign students going to Canada for higher education, as provincial health plans only cover Canadian citizens and permanent residents. International student travel insurance provides several health services, such as hospital benefits, extended medical benefits, emergency transportation, and death benefit. Depending upon the province you are living in, the health insurance cost can vary and cover different benefits. The cost of student insurance can range from $275 to $500 per year.

    If You have any query regarding the education in Canada.please feel free to ask .I'll be glad to answer them

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    Apartments in Odessa

    Thanks for your nice information.

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    Re: Study Cost In Canada- Cost Of Education In Canada


    I would like to go for MBA ( Master in Business Administration) a post graduation course in Canada. Can you please give me details considering this?
    What will be the cost for me for full years including accommodation and tuition fees and all?
    Thank you.

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    Re: Study Cost In Canada- Cost Of Education In Canada

    Came across this 2 minute videoon YouTube regarding Studying in Canada- informative and short. Have given the link below

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