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Thread: What should be the last month strategy for GATE 2015?

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    Ask What should be the last month strategy for GATE 2015?

    With GATE 2015 approaching close, I'm getting scared day by day. I recently resigned from my IT job as it wasn't, firstly, my field of interest and, secondly, I wasn't getting much time to study for GATE. I've done electrical engineering and my syllabus for this particular exam is quite huge! As we all know that the exam is in early February, so it's being a little troublesome to read each and every page of all of my books which I'm having with me. Also, I have too many numericals pending to solve and only 52 days are left for the exam from today. My question now is, what should I utilize my time on?
    1) Book reading
    2) Practice problems
    3) Both
    Till now I chose to move with option 3 but it's consuming a hell lot of time and the progress is not seeming like something to be proud of. Actually book reading is good but to crack this particular examination problem/numerical solving is required most. But the problem is that without reading book and understanding the concepts one cannot just solve any problem! So please suggest me guys how should I make strategy to CRACK this exam?
    And I seriously want answer to one more question here:


    PS: I cannot join any coaching/institute now as I'm already pretty late for that.
    Note: Please don't just say "solve previous 10 years question papers" as I'm already doing that.

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