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Thread: Mech E book on Mechatronic Systems Simulation Modeling and Contro

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    Heart 32 Mech E book on Mechatronic Systems Simulation Modeling and Contro

    The progress and the miniaturization we have seen in electronics during the last
    decades have allowed engineers to come up with new products and new engineering
    disciplines. Early in the eighteens we have seen the introduction of new products
    that combines mechanical parts with electronics parts. Another factor that gives
    a booming to mechatronics applications is the continuously decreasing prices of
    the electronic parts and the challenges to design very small systems. Today, for
    instance microprocessors with high performances are becoming very cheap which
    encourages their uses in computer controlled systems.
    A microprocessor is an integrated circuit that contains the entire central processing
    unit of a computer on a single chip. The microprocessor is the main part in our
    nowadays computers. It does all the necessary computations and treats the data.

    Microcontrollers are designed for small applications, while the microprocessors
    are used in high performance applications and personal computers. The Intel microprocessors
    that run in our laptops are examples of these microprocessors and
    the PICs of Microchip1 are examples of microcontrollers. These machines are used
    in almost all the products that we use in our daily life

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    Re: Mech E book on Mechatronic Systems Simulation Modeling and Contro

    Please upload mechatronics pdf by rk rajput.pleseeeeeeee

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