"ITANIUM:The 64-bit microprocessor from intel " Paper Presentation

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Internet commerce and large database applications are dealing with ever- increasing quantities of data, and demands placed on both server and workstation resources are increasing correspondingly. One demand is for more memory than the 4 GB provided by todayís 32-bit computer architectures. Itaniumís ability to address a flat 64-bit memory address space in the million
of gigabytes has been the focus of attention. Beyond very large memory (VLM) support, however, other traits, including a new Explicitly Parallel Instruction Computing (EPIC) design philosophy that will handle parallel processing differently than previous architectures, speculation, predication, large register files, a register stack and advanced branch architecture. IA-64 also provides an enhanced system architecture supporting fast interrupt response and a flexible, large virtual address mode.

The 64-bit addressing enabled by the Intel Itanium architecture will help overcome the scalability barriers and awkward, maintenance-intensive partitioning directory schemes of current directory services on 32-bit platforms. , Intel has been assiduous in providing backward compatibility with 32-bit binaries (IA-32), from the x86 families. The Itanium has a complex, bleeding edge, forward looking processor family that holds promise for huge gains in processing power.

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