Bihar CET Syllabus and exam pattern:

Physics: Physical world and measurement, kinematics, Laws of Motion, Work, Energy and Power, Motion of System of Particies and Rigid body, Gravitation, Properties of Bulk Matter, Heat and Thermodynamiccs, Behaviour of Perfect Gas and Kinetic Theory, Oscillations and Waves, Current Electicity, Magnatic effects of current & Magnetism, Electromagnetic induction and Alternating Currents, Electromagnetic Waves, Optics, Dual Nature of Matter and Rediation, Atoms and Nuclei, Electronic Devices, Communication Systems

Chemistry: Some basis concepts of Chemistry, Structure of Atom, Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties, Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure, States of Matter:Gases and Liquids, Thermodynamics, Equillibrium, Redox Reactions, Hydrogen, S-Block Elements (Alkali and Alkaline earth metals), Group 1 and Group 2 elements, Preparation and properties of some important compounds, Some P-Block Elements, Organic Chemistry, Hydrocarbons, Environmental Chemistry, Solid state, Solutions, Electrochemistry, Chemical, Surface Chemistry, General Principales and Processes of Isolation of Elements, D-and F-Block Elements, Haloalkanes and Haloarenes, Alcohols,Phenols and Ethers, Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic acids, Organic compounds containing Nitrogen, Biomolecules, Polymers, Chemistry in Everyday life.

Mathematics: Sets And Functions, Trigonometric Functions, Algebra, Principle of Mathematical induction, Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations, Linear inequalities, Permutation & Combination, Binomial Theorem, Sequence & Series, Co-Ordinate Geometry, Conic Section, Introduction to Three-Dimensional Geometry, Calculus, Limits and Derivatives, Mathematical Reasoning, Statistics, Probability, Relations and Functions, Inverse Trigonometrics Functions, Matrices, Determinants, Continuity and Differentiability, Applications of Derivatives, Integrals, Vectors, Linear Programming and Probability.

Bihar CET Paper Pattern
  1. BCECE 2015 shall take place in two stages. Both the stages of BCECE 2015 shall have Physics and Chemistry and Mathematics.
  2. Each of these subjects shall carry 100 questions and have 50 marks each and in total 150 marks
  3. Time allowed for each paper shall be 1 and half hours.
  4. Maximum marks in each subject is 400 and every correct answer shall be awarded with 4 marks and one negative mark shall be deducted for every wrong attempts