The book is aimed at bringing out a comprehensive presentation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) based
methodologies and software tools wherein, for the first time, the focus is on addressing a wide spectrum of
problems in engineering.
Expert system methodology has been applied in the past to a number of problems of planning, design,
diagnostics etc. However, the problems of engineering design have not been adequately addressed, since these
problems have to be addressed in an integrated manner with knowledge from different domains and sources.
Continued research in the last ten years has recently resulted in the emergence of new methodologies which
will enable building of automated integrated design systems that will have the ability to handle the entire
design process. These methodologies include design synthesis, design critiquing, case-based reasoning etc.,
leading to concurrent engineering. Details of these methodologies and tools are at present available only in the
form of technical papers and reports of research projects that have been carried out in academic and other
Many research and development projects have been carried out by the authors in the past few years, and
prototype systems have been developed for specific applications to engineering systems. During this process,
the authors have proposed generic frameworks and have developed efficient software tools to meet the
requirements of engineering design. This intensive work, coupled with the teaching of a graduate course on
Computer-Aided Design, motivated the authors to write a book on the subject with descriptions of different
methods and a presentation of software tools that meet the requirements of integrated knowledge-based
systems in engineering. The authors hope that the book will serve as a textbook for students and teachers, and
the software frameworks and tools will provide the requisite resource material to researchers and
professionals who are interested in developing knowledge-based systems in various disciplines of
The book is divided into seven chapters. The first chapter presents an overview of the developments in the
areas of AI and Knowledge-Based Expert System (KBES) applications to engineering. The relevance and
importance of the use of AI-based methodologies for solving engineering problems are well brought out in
this chapter.