Manufacturing and workshop practices have become important in the industrial environment
to produce products for the service of mankind. The knowledge of manufacturing
practices is highly essential for all engineers and technocrats for familiarizing themselves
with modern concepts of manufacturing technologies. The basic need is to provide theoretical
and practical knowledge of manufacturing processes and workshop technology to all the
engineering students. Therefore, an attempt has been made through this book to present
both the theoretical and practical knowledge of these subjects. Considering the general
needs of engineering students in the country and the fact that they hardly get any exposure
to hand tools, equipments, machines and manufacturing setups, a basic course in manufacturing
science remains a core subject for all the branches of engineering. This book covers
most of the syllabus of manufacturing processes/technology, workshop technology and workshop
practices for engineering diploma and degree classes prescribed by different universities
and state technical boards. While preparing the manuscript of this book, the examination
requirements of the engineering students have also been kept in mind. The book is
written in very simple language so that even an average student can easily grasp the subject
matter. Some comparisons have been given in tabular form and the stress has been given
on figures for better understanding of tools, equipments, machines and manufacturing setups
used in various manufacturing shops. The contents include exposure to bench work and
fitting, smithy and forging, sheet metal work, wood and wood working, casting, welding and
machine shop practices. At the end of each chapter, a number of questions have been
provided for testing the student´┐Żs understanding about the concept of the subject. The whole
text has been organized in twenty six chapters.