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Thread: Mechanical Engineering Ebook On Machine Drawing

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    Download Mechanical Engineering Ebook On Machine Drawing

    A technical person can use the graphic language as powerful means of communication with
    others for conveying ideas on technical matters. However, for effective exchange of ideas with
    others, the engineer must have proficiency in (i) language, both written and oral, (ii) symbols
    associated with basic sciences and (iii) the graphic language. Engineering drawing is a suitable
    graphic language from which any trained person can visualise the required object. As an
    engineering drawing displays the exact picture of an object, it obviously conveys the same
    ideas to every trained eye.
    Irrespective of language barriers, the drawings can be effectively used in other countries,
    in addition to the country where they are prepared. Thus, the engineering drawing is the
    universal language of all engineers.
    Engineering drawing has its origin sometime in 500 BC in the regime of King Pharos of
    Egypt when symbols were used to convey the ideas among people.

    The graphic language had its existence when it became necessary to build new structures and
    create new machines or the like, in addition to representing the existing ones. In the absence
    of graphic language, the ideas on technical matters have to be conveyed by speech or writing,
    both are unreliable and difficult to understand by the shop floor people for manufacturing.
    This method involves not only lot of time and labour, but also manufacturing errors. Without
    engineering drawing, it would have been impossible to produce objects such as aircrafts,
    automobiles, locomotives, etc., each requiring thousands of different components.

    The drawings prepared by any technical person must be clear, unmistakable in meaning and
    there should not be any scope for more than one interpretation, or else litigation may arise. In
    a number of dealings with contracts, the drawing is an official document and the success or
    failure of a structure depends on the clarity of details provided on the drawing. Thus, the
    drawings should not give any scope for mis-interpretation even by accident.
    It would not have been possible to produce the machines/automobiles on a mass scale
    where a number of assemblies and sub-assemblies are involved, without clear, correct and
    accurate drawings. To achieve this, the technical person must gain a thorough knowledge of
    both the principles and conventional practice of draughting. If these are not achieved and or
    practiced, the drawings prepared by one may convey different meaning to others, causing
    unnecessary delays and expenses in production shops.


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    Re: Mechanical Engineering Ebook On Machine Drawing

    Thanks Man. Really needed it

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    Re: Mechanical Engineering Ebook On Machine Drawing

    but can u pls tell me where is the link?

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    Re: Mechanical Engineering Ebook On Machine Drawing

    I am not able to download..... Please solve this

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