The main purpose of this new edition continues to be to provide
guidelines for selecting and utilizing electric motors on the basis of
energy efficiency and life-cycle cost. In previous editions of this
book, particular emphasis was given to three-phase and single-phase
induction motors in the 1200 hp range since this was the range
offering maximum opportunities for energy savings. However, since
the second edition, there has been a growing demand in the
direction of solid-state intensive electric motor drives as adjustable
or variable speed drives. New electric motors such as brushless DC
and switched reluctance have also been mass-produced and made
commercially available. The impetus toward this expansion of
power electronics has been provided by recent advancements in the
areas of solid-state switching devices, control electronics, and
advanced microcontrollers, microprocessors, and digital signal
processors (DSP). These advancements facilitate high-tech
applications and enable the introduction of power electronic
converters with highest performance, maximum efficiency, and
minimum volume and weight.

Contents of the books:

  1. Induction Motors Characteristics
  2. Energy Efficient Motors
  3. Fundamentals of Electric Motor Drives
  4. The Power Factor
  5. Applications of Induction Motors
  6. Adjustable Speed Drives and Their Applications
  7. Induction Motors and Adjustable Speed Drive Systems
  8. Brushless DC Motors Drives
  9. Switched Reluctance Motor Drives
  10. Utility interface Issues