All engineering students should know basic civil engineering since they need interaction with civil
engineers in their routine works. Hence all important aspects of civil engineering are taught as
elements of civil engineering in all over the world. It covers entire syllabus on Basic Civil
Engineering. The author has tried to make it students friendly by providing neat sketches and
illustrations with practical problems, wherever necessary. Author hopes that students and faculty
will receive this book whole-heartedly. Corrections, if any and suggestions for improvement are

Contents of the Book are as Follow...

  1. Traditional Materials
  2. Mortars
  3. Concrete
  4. Metals as Building Materials
  5. Miscellaneous Building Materials
  6. Building Planning
  7. Foundation
  8. Super Structures
  9. Dampness and Its Prevention
  10. Cost Effective Construction Techniques in Mass Housing Schemes
  11. Introduction to Surveying
  12. Linear Measurements and Chain Surveying
  13. Compass Surveying
  14. Plane Table Surveying
  15. Level and Levelling
  16. Modern tools of Surveying
  17. Mapping and Contouring
  18. Areas and Volumes
  19. Remote Sensing and its Applications
  20. Disaster Resistant Buildings
  21. Disaster Managements and Planning
  22. Indian Standard Codes

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