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Thread: ebook on Modern Biotechnology-Microbiology Biochemistry and Engineering

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    Pdf 32 ebook on Modern Biotechnology-Microbiology Biochemistry and Engineering

    Biotechnology has enabled the development of lifesaving biopharmaceuticals, deciphering
    of the human genome, and production of bioproducts using environmentally
    friendly methods based on microbial fermentations. The science on which
    modern biotechnology is based began to emerge in the late 1970s, when recombinant
    microorganisms began to be used for making high -value proteins and peptides
    for biopharmaceutical applications. This effort evolved into the production of some
    key lifesaving proteins and the development of monoclonal antibodies that subsequently
    have provedn to be effective molecules in the fi ght against cancer. In the
    late 1980s and early 1990s biotechnology found further application in sequencing
    of the human genome, and with it, sequencing of genomes of many organisms
    important for agriculture, industrial manufacture, and medicine.
    The human genome was sequenced by 2003. At about the same time the
    realization developed that our dependence on petroleum and other fossil fuels was
    beginning to have economic consequences that would affect every sector of our
    economy as well as the global climate. Modern biotechnology began to be applied
    in developing advanced enzymes for converting cellulosic materials to fermentable
    sugars. The process engineering to improve grain -to-ethanol plants and the rapid
    buildout of an expanded ethanol industry began. This provided the renewable liquid
    fuels in small but signifi cant quantities.

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