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Thread: [UPDATE]UC Browser 7.9-Never worry about bookmarks missing again

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    [UPDATE]UC Browser 7.9-Never worry about bookmarks missing again

    UC Browser 7.9 has released for several days.How do u think about it? As a senior User, I would like to share some feelings about this version.In my opinion,this time,Ucweb concentrate on developing user experience in the details,Small and excellent.
    (If u havenít experience it, Download and have a nice try)
    Getjar (adapt to ur handset automatically):
    Official website:
    1. It takes Thoughtful care of our eyes.
    As a mobile user,I am always still staring at the handset screen,Itís harmful to our eyes.Thx to UC Browser,it invents different view mode(Day/Night mode) to protect our eyes ever and now it becomes more intelligent.It will notice u to switch to Day mode when u turn on Night mode in the daytime.For example,itís 9:00 AM,but u turn on the Night mode,It will notice u to turn to Day mode(Classic mode).
    2. It backup whatís important to me
    Once I met a crazy trouble.I buy a new phone,but I have a lot of bookmarks in UC Browser installed in my old one.So I have to use both of two phones?.Now the problem solved,I backup all bookmarks and export into a small file, and then copy to my new phone, and import it.Itís so easy,I love Ucweb!

    I think UCweb is indeed doing their best to give us the amazing experience.I just canít wait for the next version! Come on, Ucweb!

    Cookies! Share an experience Video of UC browser 7.9
    Get a close enconter with UCWEB
    Get the latest version on:
    Get the latest Android Version:

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    Re: [UPDATE]UC Browser 7.9-Never worry about bookmarks missing again

    guys its bookmarking functions are just superb this tyime .. just use and feel the differance..

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    you guys will really Like the Feaures Of this Browser ...They Are Pretty Cool As compared To other browser ..
    The Download Manager,Night Mode ,Themes Support ,Traffic Stats and Compression Technology Makes It Best Mobile Browser...

    and yeah guys its the best download manager for any mobile platform...........

    Its Surely the Amazing Mobile browser I have ever Encountered...
    Its Amazing Features Include :
    1. Amazing Download Manager
    2. Night Mode
    3. Compression Technology
    4. Cloud Computing
    5. Great Picture Compatibility
    6. Almost Available For Every Platform Including Android,Blackberry,Iphone,Symbian ,Etc

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