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Thread: What do we get when we publish a paper?

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    What do we get when we publish a paper?

    Actually I am completely new to all this.
    I want to know what is a paper presentation and what is meant by getting it published
    What do people get after publishing them.. some people also go to some conference for presentation what is that.??
    And when do we get a patent for something and can we go about expanding it as a business
    I know this might be weird that I'm asking such stupid questions but please help...

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    Re: What do we get when we publish a paper?

    Paper presentation is a way to sharing our knowledge.

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    Re: What do we get when we publish a paper?

    You can publish your academic writing in undergraduate journals that specialize in presenting student research and critical essays. Though these are not the same journals in which professional scholars publish, undergraduate journals maintain a rigorous review process and editorial standards. They are prestigious venues in which to publish a paper, and to have your name appear as an author in a peer-reviewed undergraduate journal is not only a notable achievement, it is a doable one.

    You might have written an "A" paper that received glowing comments from your professor, who may even have encouraged you to publish it. Or you might have a passionate interest in a particular topic and want to research and write about it in-depth. If so, you have the beginnings of a published paper!

    The benefits of publishing at this stage in your academic career are clear:

    • You'll deepen your research and writing skills as you produce a paper under the rigors of the peer-review process, responding to editors' comments and suggestions.
    • You may have the opportunity to work with a UMUC professor or other mentor as they advise you on your paper. Some undergraduate journals require that a faculty member review your paper before you submit it. A professor with whom you have a good relationship would probably be more than happy to lend you a hand, if you approached him or her about a writing project.
    • You'll have an outstanding bullet-point on your graduate school application or employment resume. A published paper indicates a high level of skill and commitment on your part!

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