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Thread: CFD simulation of hydrogen combustion Seminar & presentation PDF download

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    Pdf 32 CFD simulation of hydrogen combustion Seminar & presentation PDF download

    CFD simulation of hydrogen combustion Seminar & presentation

    Preview of the attached files:-

    Since two-three decades, hydrogen has been identified as a versatile potential fuel competent to the conventional fuel such as gasoline. In order to implement it fully and to develop the combustion based power devices which may supply much higher energy density than others, the understanding of hydrogen air combustion mechanism is very essential. In this seminar, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) based numerical simulations have been performed to study the combustion of non-premixed hydrogen-air mixture with different equivalence ratios and different mass flow rates and its effect on different species formation, peak temperature & NOx formation.

    The performance of the combustor is evaluated by using CFD package FLUENT under adiabatic wall condition. Here we used generalized finite rate chemistry model to analyze the hydrogen-air combustion system. The combustion is modeled using a global one step reaction mechanism, assuming complete conversion of fuel to H2O.Through such a systematic analysis, a proper controlled operation condition for the combustor is suggested which may be used as a guideline for combustor design. Results reported in this work illustrate that the CFD simulation can be one of the most powerful, beneficial & economical tool for combustor design, optimization & performance analysis.

    Please find the attached file along with this

    If You have any query regarding the files.Please feel free to ask .I'll be glad to answer them

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    Re: CFD simulation of hydrogen combustion Seminar & presentation PDF download

    Dear Sir,

    We have taken project based CFD simulation. Could you please help me out. I have given my email id,


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