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Thread: Infosys Placement Experiences - Infosys Written Test & HR Interview Experiences

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    Favorite 32 Infosys Placement Experiences - Infosys Written Test & HR Interview Experiences

    Hi Friends...

    This is Nishi from Mahavir Engg. College Surat.

    Last saturday was one of the best days of my life as Infosys, my dream company visited our campus and i got selected..

    So i thought why not share my wisdom and the whole INFY Experience with all of you aspirants...So here it goes..

    First up: INFOSYS Profile--

    KV Kamath
    S Gopalakrishnan
    CEO & MD:
    SD Shibulal

    Major Products:
    Finacle, Flypp, mConnect

    $ 6 Billion (2011)

    Total Employees at Infosys: 133, 560
    Infosys Limited, formerly known as Infosys Technologies Limited is a global technology services company headquartered in Bangalore, India. It is the second largest IT exporter in India with 133,560 employees as of March 2011. It has offices in 33 countries and development centers in India, China, Australia, UK, Canada, Brazil and Japan.

    Infosys History--

    Infosys was founded on 2 July 1981 by seven entrepreneurs: N. R. Narayana Murthy, Nandan Nilekani, Kris Gopalakrishnan, S. D. Shibulal, K. Dinesh, Ashok Arora, and with N. S. Raghavan officially being the first employee of the company. The founders started the company with an initial investment of INR 10,000.[3] The company was incorporated as "Infosys Consultants Pvt Ltd." in Model Colony, Pune as the registered office.

    Global Offices of Infosys--

    Asia Pacific: India – Bengaluru, Bhubaneswar, Chandigarh, Chennai, Kolkata,[20][21] Thiruvananthapuram, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Mangalore, Mysore, Pune[22] Australia – Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane China – Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Dalian, JiaXing Hong Kong – Hong Kong, Japan – Tokyo, Mauritius – Mauritius, New Zealand – Wellington, UAE – Sharjah, Philippines – Taguig City, Fiji Island – Suva and Thailand – Bangkok.'

    North America: Canada – Toronto, USA – Atlanta (GA), Bellevue (WA), Bridgewater (NJ), Charlotte (NC), Southfield (MI), Fremont (CA), Houston (TX), Glastonbury (CT), Lake Forest (CA), Lisle (IL), New York (NY), Phoenix (AZ), Plano (TX), Quincy (MA), Reston (VA) and Mexico – Monterrey

    Europe: Czech Republic – Brno, Belgium – Brussels, Denmark – Copenhagen, Finland – Helsinki, France – Paris, Germany – Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Italy – Milano, Norway – Oslo, Poland – Lσdz, The Netherlands – Amsterdam, Spain – Madrid, Burgos, Sweden – Stockholm, Switzerland – Zόrich, Geneva, Russia - Moscow, and UK – Canary Wharf, London

    South America: Brazil – Belo Horizonte
    Specialties of Infosys--

    IT Solutions and Services, Consulting, Business Process Outsourcing, Products and Platforms, Engineering Services, Cloud Services


    As you all must be knowing , the recent format for the Infy exam is as follows:- 1.Written test. 2.HR interview
    Written test is in two parts:

    A)Reasoning (30 ques, 40 mins.)
    B)English(40 ques,35 mins.)

    Reasoning Section: It comprised of 30 ques to be solved in a span of 40 mins. There were 6 questions with approx 5 subparts each. The questions we got are as follows:

    1)PUZZLE :-( 5 questions based on puzzle):A simple puzzle was asked, an easy practice by R.s. agrawal.( verbal n non verbal) in the chapter (PUZZLE TEST).PUZZLE IS THAT :-
    There are 100 cards distributed into 7 friends n 6 are got same no. of cards n remaining one got 5 less than others. simply they exchange cards among them. And 5 ques. On this puzzle.

    2)VISUAL REASONING:-(5 questions): There are 5 ques. of this type is there.they r of odd man out type.the figure which is not like the other 4 figures is selected as answer.remember this is the most easiest part of the paper,if u practice well these type of ques. given in non verbal reasoning part of R.S.AGRAWAL.Then no one stops from doing all 5 ques. right.THUS,this part should be attempted first as they required less time than others

    3) DATA SUFFICENCY: - ( 5 questions): You have to decide if the information given in the statements is sufficient for answering the problem. Indicate your answer as: a) alone is sufficient to answer the question. b) II alone is sufficient to answer the question. c) either I or II are sufficient to answer the question. d) both are not sufficient to answer the question. e) both are needed to answer the question.

    FOR e.g.,one question i remember.........
    a)what is the two digit number if?
    1) sum of the digits is something....?
    2)difference of digits is something......?

    4) DATA INTERPRETATION(5 QUESTIONS):- Two LINE GRAPHS were given & 5 quest based on this are given......Its little time consuming and a bit tough also. practice R.S AGRAWAL DI questions of all types which are given.......but i suggest u all to attempt it at last as very lengthy calculations r there. I also attempted it last. Also if u are practicing well i advice u to use guess work...............some ques . does not demand full calculations..........they can be solved visually also...................I make 2 of them by this method. Especially it works in line graph type questions................

    5) LOGICAL PUZZLE (5 QUESTIONS):- Again a puzzle was there, but it was slightly lengthy...............
    It was about 6 persons (3 male & 3 female) preparing for banking exams of 3 diff. banks.
    Each 2 of them are good in three diff. parts i.e. English, quanta, & reasoning. We have to determine the right combination. Questions are based on these combinations. Similar problems are given in R.S.AGRAWAL. You practice from there.

    These are problems in which logical deduction capability was checked. Questions are like, 5-6 sentences are given like some As are Bs, Bs are Cs, Ds are Es, are supposed to find the group of logically correct sentences .i. e. ABC, CDF,BCE etc.

    This is all about the reasoning part.

    They do not disclose the cut off. I solve about 20-22 ques correct .but my friends with 17 score was also selected. So, don t worry about the cut off, just do ur best.

    IMPORTANT: there was no negative marking. but that doesn’t means that u attempt all the ques. without some approach. Beware that they check ur rough work & so even if u dont know the solution of some problem, then please show some approach in rough work provided with paper. Remember that they do not check the wild guesses without some approach. So if u wants to get checked ur wild guesses, THEN PLEASE DO UR ROUGH WORK NEAT & CLEAN& SHOW SOME APPROACH

    That’s all about reasoning section. now they put the English paper before u.

    ENGLISH PAPER (40 questions - 35 minutes): It contains 40 ques. to be completed in 35 consist of following type of ques.

    Time management is very much essential here. The pattern of this question is:
    1)2 Passages( R C) followed by 5 q’s each. The first one was easy and the second one was little tough.
    2)Selecting the correct option which is grammatically correct from the available four options.
    3)fill in the blanks type questions
    4)Replacing the underline phrases with suitable ones
    5)Deriving conclusion from small passages.

    if u have good knowledge of basic fundamentals of english grammer then u can easily get through it.
    For grammar, you can refer WREN & MARTIN book.

    The tests are over by 1 pm. They told us that the results will be announced by 3.30 pm. There were 700 students from 11 colleges attended the tests.It was third day of three days mega campus drive of INFOSYS. All colleges of Gujarat are invited. The results for our college was announced at 4 o clock and soon after that we were called to attend the HR Interview. There were 51 students who are shortlisted for the Interview. The Interview started Immediately after the announcement of written tests.

    There were 12 panels and the segregated us into various groups. All the 12 panel HR’s were so cool and they asked just simple questions from the Resume. Some of our panels had puzzles also.

    I was allotted to a gents HR who was very senior official of INFOSYS.He was really cool and jovial. He made me comfortable and offered me water as i was slightly nervous. I accepted it and said thanks. Then he started asking some simple questions from the Resume like

    1. Tell me abt urself?
    2. about family background.?
    3.about hobbies?
    4. about the cricket match?(since my hobby is cricket & world cup is going on.)
    5.who is ur favourite player & why ? which quality?
    6.about my achievements in various areas?(i will explain fully). last ,he asked a silly ques about the uses of bricks.( i explained it).

    then he asked me if i have some questions to him.then my H.R. was over & he said "well done" to me & i wished him before coming out of the room.

    then, after the wait of 3 long hours ,the result was declared & 41 were finally selected.i was one of them by god`s grace.
    So friends, The main thing is to prepare a little and project a lot. Use your innovative and creative ideas and make sure tat it is exhibited. Be yourself and be confident. Hope this will help you. See u at INFOSYS…

    Moreover, Share your Own INFOSYS Stories & Experiences and ask any query...

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    Re: Infosys Placement Experiences - Infosys Written Test & HR Interview Experiences

    Interview is important.You can more read.
    1. What do you know about our organization?
    Why do you want to work for us?
    What can you do for us that someone else can’t?
    What do you find most attractive about this position? What seems least attractive about it?
    Why should we hire you?
    103 interview questions and answers ( free pdf download)

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