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Thread: HCL Placements Experiences-HCL written Test & Interview Experiences

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    HCL Placements Experiences-HCL written Test & Interview Experiences

    Hi Friends...

    This is Kajal Kohli from BBD College from Lucknow.

    Last weekend i got placed in HCL , my dream company visited our campus and i got selected..

    So i thought why not share my knowledge and the whole HCL Experience with all of you aspirants...So here it goes..

    First up: HCL Profile--

    Shiv Nadar

    CEO & MD:
    Vineet Nayar

    Major Products:
    HCL Note Book,HCL Leaptop

    6.1 billion (2011)

    Total Employees at HCL:-

    HCLis a global Electronics, Computing and IT company based in Noida, India. The company comprises of two publicly listed companies, HCL Technologies and HCL Infosystems.

    HCL was focused on addressing the IT hardware market in India for the first two decades of its existence with some activity in the global market.

    On termination of the joint venture with HP in 1996, HCL became an enterprise which comprises HCL Technologies (to address the global IT services market) and HCL Infosystems (to address the Indian and APAC IT hardware market). HCL has since then operated as a holding company.

    HCL History:-

    HCL Technologies is one of the two businesses – both of them separately listed in India – falling under the corporate umbrella of, with combined annual 2011 revenues of US$ 6 billion. HCL Enterprise was founded in 1976 and is one of India's original IT garage start ups.

    HCL Technologies is a relatively young company, formed in 1991 when HCL's R&D business was spun off to focus on the growing IT services industry. During last 15 years, HCL has expaned its service portfolio in IT applications (custom applications for industry solutions and package implementation), IT infrastructure management, and business process outsourcing, while maintaining and extending its leadership in product engineering.

    HCL provides services across SIX Business Lines -

    Engineering and R&D Services (ERS) - offering services in Hardware, Embedded, Mechanical and Software Product Engineering.

    Enterprise Transformation Services (ETS) - offering services in the areas of Process Transformation, Data Management, Integration Services, Architecture Services, Disruptive Technology Services, IT Strategy, and Change Management.

    Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) - division of HCL Technologies Limited has delivery offices across India, UK and USA.

    Custom Application Services, - includes customized IT Applications development, support & maintenance.

    IT Infrastructure Management - focuses on End User Computing Services, Data Center Services, Cross Functional Services, Enterprise Network Services, Security Services, Integrated Operation Management, and Mainframe & AS400 Services.

    Enterprise Application Services (EAS) - focuses on areas like in ERP, SCM, CRM, HCM, EPM, BI and Middleware. This group is now part of HCL AXON, subsidiary of HCL Technologies, formed after HCL Tech acquired Axon Group plc for 440m cash offer in 2008.


    The written exam was conducted by aspiring minds and it consists of 4 sections
    1. Verbal-24questions-30 mins
    2. Aptitude-25 questions-35 mins
    3. Reasoning-25 questions-35 min
    4. Computer programing-25-35 mins

    Among the four sections verbal is little bit difficult.Remaining 2 sections aptitude and reasoning are dead easy only for clarity refer you will get 12 sample questions on each section and alsosyllabus. (But first you have to register you are self) LCM, HCF, pipes, logarithms (important), surds, probability, permutation andcombination are very important and just revise intermediate JP's eamcet material for(probability) only.
    Reasoning just follow R.S Aggarwal, it's more than enough mainly they are asking serieswhich are dead easy, coding and decoding very easy, puzzle test and they are touchingall concepts in reasoning but they are very easy. Computer programing, they are not concerned on one particular language, for csestudents it is very easy, other departments don't forget to prepare concepts like datastructures stack implementation, sorting algorithms just concept, main important spacecomplexity, time complexity, asymtotic notations.

    Total 250 students appeared for written exam, only 91 students got selected for next round. One more important thing verbal section is important based on these section only theyfilter in written exam. I had taken my interview at evening 5'0 clock; They are 5pannels, 4 pannels concentrated more only on HR. Only one pannel fully concentrated onTechnical.By God grace I went to technical HR Questions are very simple

    HR: First he asked me to fill a formHR: After a thorough glance at my resume, he asked me "what type of scholar ship yougot" (from my resume)
    Me: I explained
    HR: Do you know Java?
    Me: I told I know only basics of Java
    HR: He asked questions on threads and C debugging then he asked about my project
    Me: I explained. He was impressed with my explanation
    HR: He asked simple subroutine in C to write (to check our basic knowledge) that's it heasked to me to leave. Finally results were announced at 7:30 pm, out of 91 they sort listed 71
    students.I got my name and now I'm be the member of HCL.

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    Re: HCL Placements Experiences-HCL written Test & Interview Experiences

    You just told about the company profile...............congrats for being selected in your dream company...
    Please share your experience regarding written test you faced at infosys as well as interview questions....that will help to other members of this forum....hmm........
    Vrishti Singh

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    Re: HCL Placements Experiences-HCL written Test & Interview Experiences

    thanx a lot
    its really nice

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    Re: HCL Placements Experiences-HCL written Test & Interview Experiences

    here are the sample questions:
    - if we lived together before marriage?
    - color of our couch?
    - color of our bed sheets?
    - color of the curtain in the room?
    - color of the shower curtain?
    - color of the wall in the bathroom?
    - what did we do after the wedding?
    - how many people were in the wedding?
    - what did we have for dinner last night?
    - last time we went out for dinner?
    - my husband's job?
    - name of the company he works for?
    - how much does he make?
    - who pays the rent?
    - who locked the door when we left in the morning?
    - how many locks in the main door?
    - who wakes up first everyday?
    - where do we keep dirty clothes?
    - if there is a fire exit attached to the room?

    and she asked my husband the date of marriage, and my parents name...
    and its all done...

    documents we submitted:
    -life insurance with both of our names as benificiary
    -family life insurance with his and my name
    -joint credit card account
    -joint checking account
    -since we live with his mom, she made a letter stating that and we share the rent with her
    -orig marriage, and birth certs
    -tax and w2 from 2005 - 2007
    -my husbands pay stub

    after the interview the IO told us it would take atmost 60 days for her to review and decide about the case. but she assured us that definitely it would not take that long for us to get a response about the case... so i was kinda disappointed because i thought i will know right away. But after few hours i got an email from CRIS that today, dec 10 they ordered a production of my new card... so i am happy now...
    103 interview questions and answers ( free pdf download)

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