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Thread: IBM Placements Experiences-IBM written Test & Interview Experiences

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    IBM Placements Experiences-IBM written Test & Interview Experiences

    Hi ..

    I am Vikram from VIT College Madurai.

    I am very happy to share my happiness with all you future aspirants after being selected in my dream company IBM.

    Therefore i am sharing my experiences with you people.

    First up:IBM Profile--

    Samuel J. Palmisano

    CEO & MD:
    Samuel J. Palmisano

    Major Products:
    Time clock,Type writers

    Revenue: $
    99.870 billion(2011)

    Total Employees at IBM:-
    426,751 (2010)

    International Business Machines (IBM) (NYSE: IBM) is an American multinational technology and consulting firm headquartered in Armonk, New York. IBM manufactures and sells computer hardware and software, and it offers infrastructure, hosting and consulting services in areas ranging from mainframe computers to nanotechnology. As of September 2011, IBM is the second-largest publicly traded technology company in the world by market capitalization.


    Starting in the 1880s, various technologies came into existence that would form part of IBM's predecessor company. Julius E. Pitrap patented the computing scale in 1885; Alexander Dey invented the dial recorder (1888); in 1889, Herman Hollerith patented the Electric Tabulating Machine and Willard Bundy invented a time clock to record a worker's arrival and departure time on a paper tape. On June 16, 1911, these technologies and their respective companies were merged by Charles Ranlett Flint to form the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company (C-T-R).

    Selected Current Projects--

    developerWorks is a website run by IBM for software developers and IT professionals. It contains how-to articles and tutorials, as well as software downloads and code samples, discussion forums, podcasts, blogs, wikis, and other resources for developers and technical professionals. Subjects range from open, industry-standard technologies like Java, Linux, SOA and web services, web development, Ajax, PHP, and XML to IBM's products (WebSphere, Rational, Lotus, Tivoli and Information Management). In 2007, developerWorks was inducted into the Jolt Hall of Fame.

    Redbooks are publicly available online books about best practices with IBM products. They describe the products features, field experience and dos and don'ts, while leaving aside marketing buzz. Available formats are Redbooks, Redpapers and Redpieces.

    Extreme Blue is one of IBM's internship programs, which tasks students with developing high-value technology. In 2003, participants in the program filed 98 patents.

    In May 2007, IBM unveiled Project Big Green, a re-direction of $1 billion per year across its businesses to increase energy efficiency.

    On November 2008, IBM’s CEO, Sam Palmisano, during a speech at the Council on Foreign Relations, outlined a new agenda for building a Smarter Planet.[61] In addition, an official company blog exists. Smarter Planet @ IBM

    On Aug 18, 2011, as part of its effort in cognitive computing, IBM has produced chips that imitate neurons and synapses. These microprocessors do not use von Neumann architecture, and they consume less memory and power.

    Here goes my experience with IBM:-

    Hi, I am a student from CS. IBM came to our college. All branches, MCA and Mtech were allowed.Cut-off was 65%. IBM recrutment process was as follows. It was for two days. First daywe had written test next day GD, Tech and HR.

    First round: Written test

    Second Round: GD

    Third Round: Technical interview

    Final Round: HR

    Written Test: Around 200 were attended for test

    For us there was online test. Two sections was there. First section number series andsecond sectin in general apptitude. Each questions have 2.15 mins. We can't predict thequestions because if you answer currectly next questionll be tough if you ans wronglymeans next question will be easy with less marks. I in felt number series some one wasvery tough cant do it in 2.15 mins some are so easy can do in 30 sec. Aptitude I felt itwas defficult. Study the R.S Aggarwal its enough.

    One thing should be care about timing. Because when I about to click answer it wasskiping to next question. I did like this for 2-3 questions. So be care full about timings.Number series questions

    1. 10 50 15 40 20 30 25 20 ..

    2. 2 3 4 9 8 27 16 ...


    1. Which is the biggest among the following 2/8, 0.2, 3/172. A man can do the work in 20hrs. a machine can reduce the time by 1/8 of the timetaken by man. Then what is the time taken by machine to complete the work

    3. A vehicle will start at office at 8.15 it has to reach destination by 9.45. But driver willreach destination 30 mins early then wat is the time taken by driver to reach destination
    Sorry friends I am able to remember only these questions. But if you study R.S Aggarwalits more than enough.

    Group Discussion:

    128 students cleared wrtten test. Next day we had GD. They told us to come at 8.30 (bethere on time- 15 mins earlier) they started around 10. So that we had lot of time to getintraduce each other in our team. It is very importent. If we come to know each other inGD will not get scare to talk. They have made 8 panel in each panel there were16 students were there. In our panel 2 students didnt attend only we were only 14.Finaly at 10 panel person came and gave a topic as

    "Should engineers go for foriegn job"

    They gave one min to note down and think abt topic. GD round was very nice, theygave equale chance to talk there was no argument nothing. In our team all spoke nicely.One thing friends you have to initiate the speaking then only we able to notify. beconfident speak related to topic.

    In our Team only one got rejected remaing 13 got short listed for next round.

    Technical GD finished at 10.45. Round 100 student cleared GD. I was waiting for my technicalround till 3. Finally they called.

    Interview was very nice. If you able to explain your project properly you are in.Actually I had 3 project to explain. My B.E Proj, Mtech project and my internship projetc.I explained it.He asked about my self.

    and OOPS concepts.And gave series like 10,2,5 ,3,1 and told me to sort. He mentioned you can use anysorting method and also to write code.Thats all

    Techincal 80 students cleared


    It was very cool I was feeling like as if I am talking with my friend.

    Asked about my project?

    Hobbies and my interests?

    Finally asked do you know about the package?

    Finaly HR came and told me as I selected. I am very happy as i m in IBM

    73 students got selected.

    Moreover, Share your Own IBM Stories & Experiences and ask any query...

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    Favorite 32 Re: IBM Placements Experiences-IBM written Test & Interview Experiences

    Recently IBM India visited our college BVP, Pune for recruiting engineers . The process included a written test and personal interview.
    There are two rounds of interviews, viz., the technical and and the HR round.

    Technical and Personal Round for Software Candidates. Mainly subjective questions in C, Operating Systems, DBMS, Data Structures are asked interspersed with some on the candidate's personal background.

    Typical questions in C and Data Structures were like

    1.WAP to interchange 2 variables without using the third one.
    2.Explain quick sort and merge sort algorithms amn derive the time-constraint relation for these.
    3.Explain binary searching, Fibonacci search.
    4.General questions on binary trees, transversals
    5.General questions on graphs and their representation.

    Typical Questions on Operating Systems

    1.Demand paging, page faults, replacement algorithms, thrashing,etc.
    2.Paged segmentation and segment paging.

    The written test consists of two sections each of 45 minutes duration.

    This is the aptitude section consisting of 45 questions to be attempted in 45 minutes. As is in all the exams,this section is based on the MBA pattern of examination.


    This is the technical section.There is a seperate paper for hardware and software. Candidates have to mention beforehand whether they want to write the software or the hardware paper.
    This section also carries 45 questions to be completed in 45 minutes.

    HR Round for Software Candidates

    In this section, case studies are presented are presented before the candidate to percieve his reaction and his/her communication skills are tested. IBM expects teamwork and teamspirit from the candidates and their answers should reflect this attitude.

    Typical question is:

    You are a project manager of a big multinational project.There is a person X, assigned to you who has the best technical skills required for the project,even better than you.But he wishes to be the project manager ,which the management does not permit,due to which he threatens to quit.All others in the group are not as competent.Talk yourself out of this situation pretending that the interviewer is the disgruntled employee and explain the neceessary action.

    About The Company

    IBM strives to lead in the creation, development and manufacture of the industry's most advanced information technologies, including computer systems, software, networking systems, storage devices and microelectronics.IBM brings its products and services through IBM India and IBM Global Services.

    IBM India's product portfolio includes the IBM PC, Aptiva home computer , ThinkPad portables, RS/6000, AS/400e, S/390 and Netfinity servers, network computers, printers, networking and storage products. IBM's software offerings include DB2, Lotus, Tivoli, MQ Series and a range of Internet software like WebSphere and SecureWay.

    India is also home to two select IBM centers - the IBM Solutions Research Center at New Delhi and the Solutions Partnership Center (SPC) at Bangalore. The SRC (only the eighth of its kind across the globe) is an extended arm of IBM Research activities. As part of IBM's global research infrastructure, the SRC participates in path breaking research projects for IBM worldwide. The Solutions Partnership Center at Bangalore is a part of IBM's developer relations focus for India. The SPC is a showcase of IBM technology and a testing and porting lab for application software developers.
    The current pay package is around Rs. 20,000. IBM is on spree of increasing its male/female ratio in its workforce hence female candidates are being given a slight advantage over their male counterparts.

    For more information visit their homesite at IBM - United States

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    Re: IBM Placements Experiences-IBM written Test & Interview Experiences


    You can find this info by using search box in the top of website with some keywords related before posting questions.

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    Re: IBM Placements Experiences-IBM written Test & Interview Experiences a student of cse 3rd dream z to fetch a gud job in best top companies like oracle,dell,ibm etc....
    can any1 please suggest me .....

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    Re: IBM Placements Experiences-IBM written Test & Interview Experiences

    Thanks for the insight. I look forward to reading more from all of you.

    Let me introduce you some useful materials: Equipment engineer interview questions

    Best regards

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