Fluid Flow Visualization Paper Presentation & Seminar

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The flow of air cannot be seen by the naked eye. The flow of water can be seen but not its streamlines or velocity distribution. The consolidated science which analyses the behavior of fluid invisible to the eye like this as image information is called ‘flow visualization’, and it is extremely useful for clarifying fluid phenomena. The saying ‘seeing is believing’ most aptly expresses the importance of flow visualization. This report presents an overview of techniques for visualization of fluid flow data. The popular techniques Temperature Sensitive Paint, Pressure Sensitive Paint, Tuft Method, Hydrogen Bubble, Optical Methods, and Particle Imaging Velocimetry are explained in details.

The figures for various techniques have been presented at the end of this report. This report mainly concentrated on the experimental fluid flow visualization. Still important computer aided visualization methods have summarized, like the particle imaging Velocimetry. A summary of all the important techniques have been presented at the end of the report. Introduction to the computer graphics flow visualization have been made so that the reader can have a basic idea of the techniques of graphics visualization.

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