This is Shivani From SRM college Vadodara.
I am really happy to share ma experience with Birlasoft Technology.

I got selected in that company and so i would like to share my experience with you future arpirants.

BIRLASOFT is a well known name in technology world, part of KC Birla group.

The whole selection process was divided in 3 sections
1. Aptitude Test
2. Group discussion
3. HR + Technical

Aptitude test:
This consisted of 50 questions. 25 of verbal-quant and 25 technical questions.

1. Verbal - Quant: This portion had 15 questions of quant which covered topics such as percentage, ratio, mixture, profit loss AP and GP.while the verbal was a bit easier with 10 questions.

2. Technical: This was totally a mess. it has all ques from C, specially covering "C Preprocessors and pointers". other than that there were Java questions. but this was totally covering the basics.

250 appeared for this, and 73 cleared it. the cut off usually lies b/w 35-40.

Group Discussion:

In this round even the HR seemed to be confused, it was not clear to him what a G.D. really is. he made it a gd-cum-debate round. instead of judging the qualities that must be judged in a GD he was just judging the English fluency.
topics given to various batches were :
1. "should mobile be banned"
2. "vision 2020"

HR and Technical
We had the HR round first. but I had it twice, Don't know why !! the first hr round was fine. HR in that round was a lady, who first asked me to introduce myself. then why was I willing to join Birlasoft, speak on a particular topic for a minute.

Then was my second HR. in that things started right, but all of a suden the HR started asking technical questions, such as sorting using pointers, then a puzzle and this round continued for 45 minutes. this new HR was just opposite.

Technical round:
This round was also fine. questions asked were :
1. calloc and malloc
2 arranging two numbers in ascending order without use of third variable
3. macros
4. sort array using pointers
5. oops concept
6. oracle 9i based questions
all questions based on details in resume.

The package offered was CTC of 2.5 lacks.

Now let me give you some information about Birlasoft

Birlasoft is a Global Information Technology Services provider founded in 1995 and headquartered in India, with global workforce of over 4000 employees and footprints in 5 continents and delivery centers in Australia, India and USA. The company provides software and consultancy to the banking, financial services, insurance and manufacturing industries.

Preeti Das

Vimal Khanna

157 million (2011)

4000 (2011)


The CK Birla Group was established in 1861 by B.M. Birla, son of the late G.P. Birla. The CK Birla Group works in major industries including automobile, bearings, earthmoving and power transmission equipment, paper, cement, building products and electrical products and information technology.

The CK Birla group entered the information technology business in 1995. Initially, the company Birla Horizons International concentrated on professional services with offices in New Delhi, New Jersey and California.In 1998, the company was rejuvenated and renamed Birlasoft Inc. when GE Capital joined the company as a strategic investor.The company now has several offices across multiple global locations with dedicated software centres, and invests heavily in R & D on third generation technologies like SOA, SaaS and Cloud computing.


Neo IT Global Services100 in 2009-10: Recognized among the Top 100 It service providers on maturity and capability to lead next wave of globalization of services.

CMMI High Maturity Leadership Awards

NASSCOM top 20,2002-03