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Thread: Welding Robots PPT PDF Seminar Report & Presentation

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    Pdf 32 Welding Robots PPT PDF Seminar Report & Presentation

    Welding Robots Paper Presentation & Seminar

    Preview of the attached file

    Welding technology has obtained access virtually to every branch of manufacturing; to name a few bridges, ships, rail road equipments, building constructions, boilers, pressure vessels, pipe lines, automobiles, aircrafts, launch vehicles, and nuclear power plants. Especially in India, welding technology needs constant upgrading, particularly in field of industrial and power generation boilers, high voltage generation equipment and transformers and in nuclear aero-space industry.

    Computers have already entered the field of welding and the situation today is that the welding engineer who has little or no computer skills will soon be hard-pressed to meet the welding challenges of our technological times. In order for the computer solution to be implemented, educational institutions cannot escape their share of responsibilities.

    Please find the attached file along with this

    If You have any query regarding the files.Please feel free to ask .I'll be glad to answer them

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    Re: Welding Robots PPT PDF Seminar Report & Presentation

    good one , include ppts for the other projects

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    Re: Welding Robots PPT PDF Seminar Report & Presentation

    sir i can't find ppt welding robots
    so sir plz attched with report

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