Reusable Launch Vehicle Paper Presentation & Seminar

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A hundred years ago, on December 17, 1903, Wilbur and Orville Wright successfully achieved a piloted, powered flight. Though the Wright Flyer I flew only 10 ft off the ground for 12 seconds, traveling a mere 120 ft, the aeronautical technology it demonstrated paved the way for passenger air transportation. Man had finally made it to the air. The Wright brotherís plane of 1903 led to the development of aircrafts such as the WWII Spitfire, and others. In 1926 the first passenger plane flew holiday makers from American mainland to Havana and Bahamas.

In 23 years the world had moved from a plane that flew 120 ft and similar planes that only a chosen few could fly, to one that can carry many passengers. Today air travel is worth billions. The military has produced planes for special purposes like SR-71 for high speed and high altitude flying, F-117 Nightbird the stealth fighter, and other world class dogfighters like Russian Sukhoi 37, French Mirage, British Harriers, and American F22 Raptor.

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