Non Conventional IC Engine Paper Presentation & Seminar

Whether the engines are IC or EC the movement or function which takes place is reciprocatory, and rotary. External combustion engines are those in which combustion takes place outside the engine where as IC engines takes place outside the engine where as IC engines combustion takes place with in the engine.
Eg: steam turbine heat generated due to combustion of fuel is employed to generate high pressure steam which is used as working fluid in a reciprocating engine or turbine.

In case of diesel engine or gasoline the products of combustion generated bu combustion of fuel and air with in the cylinder form the working fluid .
C.I: Compression ignition.
S.I: Spark ignition.

In conventional engines common fuels used are diesel and petrol. These fuels are becoming scare and scare and becoming costly day by day. In addition to this there are limited stores of these fuels and engineers are in constant search to find the
fuels which can be used to replace the conventional fuels are used for starting the engine and the engine is shifted to unconventional fuels which are cheap.
Speed of IC engine limited to 2000 to 5000 R.P.M in case of C.I and S.I due to reciprocating parts and problems of balancing and vibrations. The pollution is one of the main problem faced by the designers of I.C engines. This can be partly reduced by using different non-conventional engines such as sterling engine. The purpose of this non- conventional I.C engines is just to introduce it and to know about their advantages and disadvantages.

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