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Thread: Nanotechnology And Molecular Engineering Paper Presentation & Seminar PDF Download

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    Pdf 32 Nanotechnology And Molecular Engineering Paper Presentation & Seminar PDF Download

    Nanotechnology And Molecular Engineering Paper Presentation & Seminar

    Nanotechnology and molecular engineering has gained great deal of importance in the recent years. The main obstruction to molecular manufacturing today is the lack of an experimental procedure for routinely and precisely building objects, atom by atom, at the molecular scale. The key to this is molecular positional assembly, or mechanosynthesis – the formation of covalent chemical bonds using precisely applied mechanical forces. This paper investigates a specific mechanical dimer placement tool for diamond mechanosynthesis.

    The tool is stable in isolation, and capable of depositing carbon dimers on diamond surface at room temperature. A preliminary proposal for a four-step experimental process is also presented by which the dimer placement tool, along with its associated macroscale handle structure, could be fabricated using presently-available bulk-chemistry techniques. A practical dimer placement tool built will allow the fabrication of improved mechanosynthesis tools, thus opening up the entire field of molecularly-precise material fabrication and, indeed, “molecular machine manufacturing” to the practical field of mechanical engineering.

    Please find the attached file along with this

    If You have any query regarding the files.Please feel free to ask .I'll be glad to answer them

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