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    Pdf 32 Magnetically Controlled Reactors PPT PDF Seminar Report & Presentation

    Magnetically Controlled Reactors Paper Presentation & Seminar

    The reactive power problem will become intensified in the future with the increasing use of EHV overhead lines and high-voltage cable in densely populated areas. Generators alone, with their under excited
    limitations during light load periods, may not have sufficient capability to control voltages in some systems in which substantial amounts of high-voltage cable are used. Turbine generators with automatic voltage regulators, however, can be operated successfully in the under excited region to minimize the problem of excessive system capacitive reactive loading.
    Although shunt reactors are an effective solution, economics may suggest other methods. Nevertheless, shunt reactors are helpful in controlling voltage during a system start-up.

    The proposed technique is to have a glance at the magnetically controlled Reactors. These magnetically controlled reactors (MCRs) are proving to be more efficient and reliable and more cost effective than other reactive power control devices. Magnetically Controlled Reactors Enhance Transmission Capability & Save Energy. Especially in Compact Increased Surge-Impedance-Loading Power Lines

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