Integrated Guided Missile Defence Programme Paper Presentation & Seminar

The Integrated Guided Missile Defense System (IGMDP) is the most advanced technology in the field of ballistic war faring. Perfectly pin pointing enemy missiles and striking them airborne forms the essence of this technology. Precision and accuracy are the most inevitable factors that have to be ensured here. This system makes use of several stages comprising of different equipments and the integration of these makes this a state of art technology. When an enemy missile gets airborne, within no time the Anti Ballistic

Missile (ABM) has to be deployed, the trajectory has to be aligned or preset such that the mishap could be avoided by any means. The system has to ensure the threat is played down with utmost precision and exactitude. It makes use of satellites, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), RADARS, and ABMs at the basic levels. Even if the enemy missile changes its course due to the proximity of ABM, this system makes sure that the countered missile gets defused in the atmosphere itself.

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